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     Elections in Hungary: the Union of Orban left "Jobbik" behind
    on Sunday 15 April 2018
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    Hungary has summed up the results of the parliamentary elections held on 8 April. More than a confident victory of the "Hungarian civic Union" acting Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Now they have 134 seats in Parliament - two-thirds. In second place - the far-right party "Jobbik".

    Hungary has summed up the results of the parliamentary elections held on 8 April. More than a confident victory of the "Hungarian civic Union" acting Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Now they have 134 seats in Parliament — two-thirds. In second place — the far-right party "Jobbik".

    A clear signal to the European Union. The Hungarians over a independent policy. So, Budapest with new force will act against the immigration policy of the European Union, especially Hungary, have someone to him to invite from abroad, the Hungarians.

    Victory is unconditional. So emotionally happy that the leader of the party "Fidesz" the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban asking supporters to calm down, and they again and again bathe him in applause.

    "We won! Hungary has won a great victory. Now behind the big battle. We managed to win a vital victory, and now we have a chance to defend Hungary", — said the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

    The struggle with the influx of migrants is a key topic of the election campaign of the party "fides". Largely due to the rejection of refugees, and she received the most votes. Under this campaign the Hungarians willingly gave their billboards, which are on their private plots.

    Already a week since elections were held, the Orban party won, and posters, to remove not in a hurry. This is more than political advertising position. Ordinary citizens and the authorities are on their: Hungary does not need immigrants. Those whom the European Union calls refugees, Orban, do not hesitate to call the invaders. His position is shared by at least half a million compatriots, who gave the ruling party their votes. For "fides" — almost half of those who went to the polls.

    Angela weaver — one of those one hundred thousand of Transcarpathian Hungarians who have dual citizenship. She goes to work in Budapest since then, I got a second passport. Their Budapest years mass distributing ethnic Hungarians. And in the most Western region of Ukraine on money from neighbouring countries, we are renovating hospitals, building roads, schools, kindergartens.

    Hungarian channels regularly tell you about the concerts of their artists in Ukrainian Uzhgorod, Beregovo, Mukachevo. They sing in Hungarian. The issue of native language in Transcarpathia is especially acute after the adoption of the education act, which severely restricted the rights of national minorities.

    Kiev is clearly not alone. There are so afraid of the office of Transcarpathia, in the area pull together more troops. The General staff announced the transfer of the mining assault battalion. Ukrainian nationalists before the elections threatened to block the Hungarian Consulate, so everyone are unable to vote, but there were no excesses, especially as a significant part of the Transcarpathian Hungarians chose to cross the border and quietly to cast their vote in the historic homeland.

    The Territory Of Ukraine. The Territory Of Hungary. Gray hell — bound. We drove away from the checkpoint literally a kilometer, and we met the first propaganda poster that invites you to come to the polls and vote. The inscription on it reads: "Hungary is our priority!"

    National leader Orban their collect in a single fist. No wonder he has a reputation in the EU by the eurosceptics. Abstract the European values is preferable to the interests of the country and the people, who in the last century, has lost 70% of its territory. So Hungary was punished for the First world war. In 1920, the victorious countries insisted on the Treaty in history was named Trianon. In Hungary it is still called "Trianon disgrace".

    Just a few months after the signing of the Treaty of Trianon in cities and towns began to appear on monuments. Across the country are now dozens. It is the place of tribulation, where the villagers come to mourn dismembered Hungary. On the monument is sure — the shape of the country. But it's not the boundaries that we see on modern political map of the world. It's the great big Hungary, whose land is taken away neighbors. And mandatory inscription "I believe. It was and will be".

    Preserved Hungarian Patriotic posters — hand neighbors "derbanit" the country. Most of all went to Romania more than 100 thousand square kilometers of land and 1.7 million people population.

    Your ethnic flag of the Romanian Hungarians at the first opportunity try to put in a prominent place. Hang the symbol on the building is prohibited. As they are prohibited and territorial autonomy, which the Hungarians of Transylvania after the first year.

    "We appeal to the Romanian Parliament for the third time. Now United all Hungarian organizations and parties, and we insist on autonomy," said Erno Franksale, Chairman of the Transylvanian people's party of Hungary.

    He Viktor Orban supported the ideas of the Hungarian national autonomy. Here are pictures of his trip just in Romanian Transylvania. To him as to imply, attached still images of the icons with the symbols of a great Hungary.

    In Romania Hungarians in droves to vote: 96% — for the party of Viktor Orban. Anuj Bola for him too. Ethnically Hungarian, a farmer in the fifth generation. It is on these slopes that the cattle started to breed his great-grandfather, but today, the family is almost on the bird's rights.

    "I am 30 years can't get from Romanians all the necessary documents to the ground. They are constantly delaying. But if we had autonomy, order quickly you can clean. We do not want to separate from Romania, we just need more rights," says the farmer.

    Anuj leads us to his tractor. Brags that he will soon have ten of these. Free grant from the government of Hungary. Bucharest knows about generous gifts, accusing Budapest of inciting separatism, threatened to expel the Ambassador.

    The attacks on the Hungarian leader has recently said that the country cannot be successful if its citizens living abroad are worse than in their historic homeland. And judging by the election results, his people, this approach obviously likes.

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