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     Need help: Ilino Aitbaeva save urgent heart surgery
    on Monday 16 April 2018
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    Today we talk about five-year Yiling aitbaeva of the Ishimbai region of Bashkortostan. The girl has a congenital heart defect midpregnancy partitions. Ileana is growing, and the defect increases, increases and the load on the heart. Need surgery you are willing to spend the Ufa surgeons.

    Вести.Ru and the Russian aid Fund have teamed up to help seriously ill children. In the framework of the project we talk about the children, their parents, who are in trouble, sorrow and need, desperate to find money for the treatment. There is nothing worse than suffering child – and nothing more joyful than his recovery. Every week we tell stories about children to raise funds for their treatment. Without your help the children can not cope.

    Today we talk about five-year Yiling aitbaeva of the Ishimbai region of Bashkortostan.

    The girl has a congenital heart defect midpregnancy partitions. Ileana is growing, and the defect increases, increases and the load on the heart. The girl needed surgery that can be done Ufa surgeons. This is the only way to prevent serious complications.

    From a letter to Almira Aitbaeva, mom Ilini:

    "Congenital heart defects in Iliny discovered almost by accident: two years ago we asked the pediatrician about conjunctivitis, and left the doctor with the direction to examine the heart. In result, she was diagnosed with atrial septal defect. Then it was a complete surprise to us – we did not notice Iliny no external manifestations of the disease. But now she's weak, tires easily, sweats a lot. If it really wants to do gymnastics, she has data good flexibility, stretching, but until the doctors forbid Whether or exercise. It is observed in the national heart centre (RCC, Ufa). At first, doctors hoped that the defect will close on their own. But a recent survey showed that the heart size increased, Whether or not the desired operation. The RCC can do it in a gentle way: close the defect endovascular, without a chest incision, using a special device – occluder. The operation itself is free for us, but we have to buy the occluder. Though my husband and I both work, but are not able to raise the necessary funds – our revenues for this purpose are too small and need to provide for two children. Help us, please!"

    For the salvation Illini Aitbaeva not enough 259 315 RUB.

    Cardiovascular surgeon of the Roman Catholic Church Tuguzbaev Ruslan (Ufa): "Heart Ilina works with a large overload, it is necessary endovascular closure of atrial septal defect occluder. After sparing surgery, the girl will recover quickly and will be able to actively develop."

    Attention! The price of the occluder 315 259 RUB


    Rusfond (the Russian aid Fund) was established in the fall of 1996 for the help to authors of desperate letters in "". Having checked up letters, we place them in the "y" on the sites, in the air "the First channel" and radio "Kommersant FM" in social networks: Facebook, "Vkontakte" and "Classmates", as well as 170 print, television and online media in the Russian regions. Over the years, individuals and companies donated to the Rusfond 11,357 bn In 2018 (on 12 April) collected 423 556 515 RUB., received assistance 573 of the child. In 2017 Rusfond entered into the register of NGOs – performers of public services, received the thanks of the President of the Russian Federation for his great contribution to charities and the presidential grant for the development of a National register of bone marrow donors.

    Strong support was given hundreds of large and foster families, the elderly, the disabled and children's homes, boarding schools and hospitals of Russia. The Foundation organizes campaigns to help during national disasters. Rusfond helped 118 families of seamen of a submarine "Kursk", 153 families suffered from explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk, 52 families of the lost hostages "Nord-OST", to 100 families of victims in Beslan. Fund – the winner of the national award "Silver Archer", awarded "Mercy" No. 1 of the Ministry of labour and social development of the Russian Federation for merits in development of Russian philanthropy. Head of Rusfond lion, Ambinder, member of the Council under RF President on development of civil society institutions and human rights, laureate of "media Manager of Russia-2014" in the nomination "For social responsibility of the media business". Deciding to help, you receive at us requisites of the Fund and then act for yourself. Possible transfers from credit cards, electronic cash and the SMS, including from abroad (details on We just help you to help.

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