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     Champions League. Experts expect a great football show
    Добавлено: Вторник 24 Апрель 2018
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    In the continental Champions League it is time decisive matches. This week will be played first two matches of the semifinal stage: "Liverpool" – "Roma" and "Bavaria" – "real". Experts find it difficult to give advantage to a team in each pair.

    In the continental Champions League it is time decisive matches. This week will be played first two matches of the semifinal stage: "Liverpool" – "Roma" and "Bavaria" – "real". Experts find it difficult to give advantage to a team in each pair.

    Speaking about the match Bayern – real Madrid former player of the national team Eugene Lovchev sure that the hosts will win: "I put on a victory "Bavaria" and the fact that both teams will score. These teams regularly meet in the final games. But Bayern at home is a monster, some kind of machine".

    Real valued for their attack, when they are allowed to play open football, — quotes Lovchev site "Rating Bookmakers". But Bayern have rear such monsters are, and that especially will not spoil. It is clear that Ronaldo in each game scored. Have nathanial in the Champions League a huge number of balls, but it will be paid special attention. I am sure that "Bavaria" in his field won't let go "real".

    "But in the second semi-final Liverpool will win by two goals — the expert believes. – The British would win and in the first half. We know what you are capable of "Liverpool" in his field, and even in activity, despite the fact that everyone is healthy, particularly fats. He has such speed, no one can not keep. Of course it is of great help in order to win."

    Roma have done the impossible in the last round when you missed a huge amount of goals and were able to compensate for all that, just because away scored the only goal. They will also strive to score a goal to Liverpool in the second match everything is already settled," said Lovchev.

    Forecast known commentator Ilya Kazakov, as he says, quite simply: "first, "Roma" has already jumped higher than his head: vergemoli, a miracle – it is rare in football is the repetition of such miracles. I even compared the success of the Romans that was in 2008, the national team of Russia against the Netherlands – that was then, we all remember".

    Liverpool is playing great, not missing, in the last match of the Champions League. Roma last matches in the Euro Cup plays unevenly – the right word. And today Liverpool is a team that at Anfield needs to own advantage", — says the expert.

    "In a couple of the Romans and the English have only one "but": "Rum" has won the last matches against Liverpool in all competitions, but still, I can't convince and make them believe in what the Italians can win. So my bet is home win "dry", — said Kazakov.

    Eks-the player Moscow "Spartaka" Maxim Kalinichenko recalls that great football was in the quarterfinals: Roma is not very good playing away and Liverpool in this season's Champions League is played well. No wonder the team in the semi-finals".

    Liverpool have conceded and scored, but in the League the last game was played with the score 2:2, although led 2:0. He has Salah, Manet, many other great players of that quality work. But the price of failure in this game is improved very much. The defense of the "Roma" are quite serious, so you can expect little threat of scoring chances and goals," says ex-football player.

    The match "Bavaria" – "real" Kalinichenko waiting for a good show, "And those and other great players coaches. All there to make the play. "Real" as something illogical has played with Juventus, lost at home and won away. With this team very difficult to predict, because the team is unstable, although it is consistently to the Champions League final".

    "Bavaria" became the champion of Germany once again. Heynckes led them to victory and quietly want to leave. But I think that he is not against to leave with another trophy, says ex-football player. Here with interest rates is not very fickle. I liked the option with a goal of real Madrid in the first half. However. Madrid can score at any time".

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