Stanislav Cherchesov: in the expanded list, changes may occur

SL, Пятница 11 Май 2018 - 14:56:39

Head coach of Russia on football Stanislav Cherchesov has announced the expanded list of teams to participate in the world Cup. In the list of 35 players, 23 of which will be included in the final application.

Stanislav Cherchesov has announced an expanded list three days before the date designated by FIFA. "We must submit a list of 35 people by may 14. Today we have only 11 may, and for the remaining time still can be changed, explained Cherchesov. – We are on schedule. It was decided to publish an application today, because the players should know what to prepare, how to prepare and what to plan for. There's football, and there is also the life. The players should know what to do, plan a vacation, they have more family. On the 13th of last round, and 14th-announcement of the composition is wrong. If anything changes, so will change. We have no limits to the additional application or replacement players. Everything is not decided in one second, there is a constant a great analysis. We are already working nearly two years together. Someone was at the gathering, someone was, but then didn't volunteer. Look at how and who proved himself lately. Doors are always open. We reached the finish line, you need to decide and to take those who are ready it is better to perform certain tasks.".

Head coach of Russia said that the choice of the composition of the account of features of rivals of Russians in the group stage" – national teams of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay. "We study the opponents, believe it. I don't know whether to say it or not, but at the confederations Cup we had in the application Tarasov, because we had to play with New Zealand. This, by the way, just the only match where Tarasov came on as a substitute. We let him out 20 minutes before the end, when the lead he helped us on the standards and raised the goals", — quotes cherchesova "Sport-Express".

Stanislav Slamovich touched on the subject of friendlies, to be carried out by our team in preparation for the world Cup. "This is the last test matches that we have to spend before the world Cup. It is clear that the status we have with them will be different, because the first game will take place after the direct training. We went through the same thing when played with Hungary before the confederations Cup. Austria will be one state, with the Turks it must be better. 14 may should be a technical Committee where I will announce what the plan of training we have. We have chosen the direction (the confederations Cup) and it was right, because the team felt good".

The coach of the Russian team explained some personnel decisions. "Gazinskaya passed us charges, was at the confederations Cup. Then were not called, because it showed a certain level. In the last seven games he has reached the level that suits us. One player is losing ground, the other is returned. It is a normal sport principle. The same can be said about Zabolotny and Dzyuba. This is a normal phenomenon. A decision on Glushakov accepted, thinking we are not one second not one minute. It is not ad hoc, but based on the observations. We look at a certain period of time, as man manifests itself and the condition. Shatov injured. We followed him carefully watched, good thing he has passed in "Krasnodar". I think his chances would be large enough if he continued to play and show their quality. But, unfortunately, our, we could not consider it due to injury. Although I wanted to. Dzyuba continued to play the same way and score. I always explain my actions. Artem plays well, so we pay attention to it. The only thing I didn't like the fact that Dziuba said he would spare. We don't have a spare in the team."

In the expanded list includes five goalkeepers – Igor Akinfeev (CSKA), Soslan Dzhanaev ("Rubin"), Andrey Lunev ("Zenith"), Vladimir Gabulov ("Bruges") and Marinato Guilherme (Lokomotiv). The final order will remain three of the goalkeeper. The captain of team Russia at the world championship will be Igor Akinfeev. Will not be able to play at the world Cup the goalkeeper of "Spartacus" Alexander Selikhov, who was seriously injured. Cherchesov, himself a former great goalie, explained the situation with the guardians of the gate. "About adjustments, one occurred just an hour before I gave the list press attache Igor Vladimirov. Called the doctor of the national team Edward Bezuglov and said Selikhova the Achilles injury. Not lazy, he called Spartak's doctor Mikhail Vartapetov to be sure. I was assured that the chances of Selikhova to prepare for the world Cup there. Such issues always arise. As for dzhanaeva, he fully recovered after injury. We know it firsthand, and not "Spartak" and "Terek", but by how it feels in the team. Alex Selikhov – for example, my player who I started at Amkar, came for the first time in the national team, felt very comfortable. The second time it was all fine. And Lunev immediately felt at home."

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