The judo lessons. President at tournament of memory of his teacher

SL, Среда 23 Май 2018 - 20:45:46

In Saint Petersburg, today held a major international tournament on judo. Hundreds of young athletes from different countries took part in the competitions that are held annually in the memory of the outstanding coach Anatoly Rakhlin, who raised dozens of Champions and masters of sports. Among his pupils was Vladimir Putin — who has now become one of the guests of the tournament.

The coaches are choking on emotion, their pupils barely breathe after the fight, but are willing to go to win, no matter what.

"We must continue, to continue, and you stood up and begin to defend and not defend it!

"There's time — win your pupil? Now let's see wins sport as always."

The final competition of the youth judo tournament held on the day of the 80th anniversary of coach Anatoly Rachlin. His pupil — President and Prime Minister Putin, who came to St. Petersburg at the economic forum, could not, of course, not to visit.

"Anatoly Semenovich always taught us to keep moving toward the goal, always go only forward, to overcome challenges, make friends, to respect the opponent. In this regard, I want to welcome all our foreign guests. Today, in this competition involved athletes, young athletes from 12 countries. Thank you very much for what you were able to come to us for these competitions", — spoke the head of state.

Girls from Germany to Russia liked it, although at home heard all, "Well, parents are a little afraid of me here to let go, but in the end all is well!"

The presence in competition of Putin to the participants clearly had an effect.

From the conversation with the girls-athletes: "the Desire to show that I am good fight, I don't want to lose and then here. And why won? Yes. — Why a girl and judo? — My dad sent. — And like it? Yes!"

Judo in Russia — for obvious reasons — has become in recent years one of the most popular sports. And no it's not just the desire to become stronger, the basis of judo is a special philosophy.

"Judo teaches us to use the opponent's strength against his own," says the teenager, who won on the Mat.

"And you who would like to become? — Olympic champion or the President," — said the head coach.

Anatoly Rakhlin has trained Vladimir Putin for 11 years. And became for him not just a coach, a teacher. Mentor both in sports and in life. Somehow Putin even admitted that Rachlin has played in his life, perhaps, a decisive role.

Footage of five-year-old then told a lot: after the funeral Rachlin Putin ordered the security to leave him alone and a few minutes went by Petersburg streets.

Putin's attitude to sports in General and judo in particular — in the opinion of the coaches of the schools — one of the reasons for the rise of their popularity.

"Our guide shows that sport can be of the usual Leningrad kid to become the person you want to be," said Michael Rachlin, the son of Anatoly Rakhlin, the founder of Fund of support and development of judo and sport school of a name of Anatoly Rakhlin.

Those who took the prize today, but not the first place, upset. One of the girls even cried.

"Luck didn't turn around to face me — And the tears help in judo? — No, it was already emotionally".

"The main thing is not to win but to participate, but the best victory," said the boy participant.

And their victories will be many more.

"I am sure that many of those who today takes part in this Junior tournament will declare itself in the next few years at major international competitions and are winners of important competitions", — said Vladimir Putin.

Before leaving, he, as is customary in judo, once again welcomed all participants, bowing in deference.

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