"The world of Russian theatre" - different country, one language

SL, Понедельник 11 Июнь 2018 - 01:17:19

In Berlin gathered Russian-speaking theatres in the world. International festival, where "Thumbelina" from Switzerland, "the Queen of spades" from Russia, a play about Boris Pasternak, based on archival documents from America, "the Woman in Sands" by Kobo Abe, from Israel. And yet — Turgenev, Ibsen, harms.

This is the second festival and it is supported by the Russian Union of theatrical figures. The first was held in Italy. Then the parties began vying to entice the organizers to himself, and it became obvious – the Russian-speaking theatres need to communicate and consolidation. In Berlin the program not only shows, but workshops and round table that will gather like-minded people, promoting Russian theatre, Russian literature, Russian language.

The President of the International theater festival Valery Yakov: "in Germany today, according to various estimates, there are more than seventy theaters only in the us Boston there are three or four teams. And then there are Russian theatres of new York, Washington. Russian theatres in Canada, Costa Rica, Australia. They are really a lot, but I'm sure there must be more, because today, when the world is so tense, when the attitude of our country intensifies — voice of culture, art, creativity needs to be louder. The culture United the peoples of reduced voltage and enlightened minds and souls. Our task is to facilitate this, it is no accident the philosophy of our festival, we Express only four words: "the World of theatre — a world of good".

From Russia in the festival poster – Queen of spades, Eugene Knyazev with a dedication to the great Pyotr Fomenko, who became for the actor a talisman.

Rector of the theatre Institute named Shchukin-actor Vakhtangov theatre Knyazev: "the works of Pushkin Russian is a language that we all speak both in Russia and abroad. Confirmation of this is the recent case on the road. After the speech in one Russian city, where I read "Queen of spades", I was approached by a woman (mother of student), and told that with difficulty he persuaded his son to go along with it. But at the concert he, to her surprise, was listening very carefully. Moreover, then the son told her that Pushkin is great, Pushkin is great! And I hope that the audience that will hear me in Berlin, too, will respond, as to resonate in Moscow, throughout Russia. I am happy to attend this festival because it gathers those people who left for whatever reason, outside of Russia, but has not forgotten his native speech. They put on plays in Russian, and it means that these productions are in demand, plays in the Russian language is necessary to the public abroad! At the festival "the World of Russian theater," I hope to see the "geography" of Russian-speaking theatres, and I am sure that will meet with graduates of Russian theatre school. The Stanislavsky system continues to be strong, and I think most theatre schools in the world is the "school of Stanislavski". After all, what is theatre school? A system of special theatrical language that you need to master. But what will be the theater — depends on the individual, creating theatre: from intentions, from creative direction and selected audience.Theatre needs to be woven from the ability to think. If you go on stage, so you have something to say, but it is good to speak the language that is accessible and understandable. All this teaches is the Russian theatre school."

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