Welcome to Russia: before the championship dreams for less than a day

SL, Среда 13 Июнь 2018 - 21:14:32

Russia supports the sport out of politics and seeks to ensure that the world Cup has become a holiday for all. About it said Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Congress of FIFA. In Moscow brought together the delegates of all the national football associations of the world (all of them – 211). Today was chosen to host the world Cup 2026.

The head of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, the day before the start of the Declaration of love to Russia: "Beautiful stadiums! The whole world will see them tomorrow! I'm very excited. Looking forward to the start of the championship!".

From the looks of it waiting for the whole world! Russia has been preparing for this moment for seven years, but dreamed about it for decades. "Before the start of the long-awaited, joyful for all fans of soccer events are literally a matter of hours, says Vladimir Putin. — Many generations of our fans have dreamed about the fact that we gathered the best team of the world, and tomorrow that dream will become a reality."

Putin is beating his head on the ball at the Kremlin: Russia surprised during preparation, will continue during the world Cup. 12 first-class stadiums, modern airports, excellent hotels and hospitality. "I would like to emphasize the loyalty of the international football Union, the principle of "Sport above politics" — emphasizes the Russian leader. — Russia has always adhered to these approaches and seeks to closely cooperate with all who are ready to develop and strengthen the creative beginning of the sport."

The football Federation of Ukraine at the Congress in Moscow decided not to send their delegates. But, fearing sanctions from the organization, sent to the event chargé d'affaires.

Frames no comment need: when hall went to Putin, the representative of Ukraine together with all stood up, and then constantly photographed the scene and the Russian President. Russia welcomes all the guests.

The world Cup will clearly be a truly fascinating and (very importantly) the most honest. For the first time in history, in Russia there will begin work videoarray. Early due to referee's mistakes that just happened. 2010, a crucial match between Germany and England: the referee does not notice that the ball still went in the gate. Oh and the famous "hand of God" Diego Maradona ever in the history of world football. Now the judges will immediately evaluate the contentious issues on the replays. The fight will be bright, but fair.

Centre of world football, Russia has become today: the heads of all the federations of the planet at the Congress in Moscow. Which will host world Cup in 8 years — is being addressed by these people in the Russian capital. Fingers crossed for the success of the American bid. Today for the first time in history solved: world Cup 2026 will be held in three countries — the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Many Americans caught the news already in Russia. US citizens, despite all the intimidation of Western officials in Russia came certainly a lot.

"Americans bought 190 000 tickets, just imagine! – confirms the President of the football Federation of the USA Carlos Cordeiro. We are very pleased that so many of our citizens will come here."

Member of the US delegation Christopher Ahrens admits that calmly walking around Moscow and not feel any threats. Meanwhile, why not just talking about Russia and FIFA in recent years, Western politicians and the media, but FIFA should the decision.

All the next month all televisions on the planet — broadcast from Russia. Hundreds of thousands of fans will see our country with your own eyes.

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