The first days of the world Cup in Russia made the world a lasting impression

SL, Воскресенье 17 Июнь 2018 - 22:12:30

A triumphant start to the world Cup in Russia. A Grand start. The organization is brilliant. Great joy. And the complete happiness of victory with the hockey account in a first for our team match – Russia — Saudi Arabia — 5:0, nearly as Argentina-Jamaica.

TV channels all over the planet discussing footage from the presidential box. The reaction of the Russian President, the head of FIFA and the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the balls enters one by one into the goal – they shrug.

This, of course, high-class field, it's literally still sparks from football battle. And the air here, the atmosphere is white hot still. Russia — Saudi Arabia — 5-0!

Celebrating the victory of the Russian team on all the stands. And that's what happened on those stands where access is only open to the first. Amazing rare footage from the personal operator of Vladimir Putin. A break in the match. The Russian President and crown Prince of Saudi Arabia at the table with the leaders of the CIS countries.
During the break Putin's congratulations on the isolation of the Russian team and with the start of the championship. The President of Azerbaijan with his spouse-Vice-President.

Then become aware of major political news — thanks to the world Cup in Russia, an acquaintance of the head of Azerbaijan with the new Prime Minister of Armenia — he also arrived in Moscow.

Gerhard Schroeder at the Luzhniki stadium together with SEO Yeon Kim their wedding, as reported by Newspapers, is scheduled for autumn.
Fantastic this championship called Nicolas Sarkozy.

High-ranking guests at the stadium, so that presidents and Prime Ministers often have to literally squeeze through each other. Lebanese Prime Minister asking for a joint photo. Presidential-Prime Minister's selfie. The head of Panama introduces Putin with his wife and son. Talks on the go non-stop: the presidents of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, from the head of Moldova. In the stands — the President of Belarus. All the leaders who came to Moscow, also played football — right on arrival in Vnukovo airport.
Lukashenko, however, is clearly set out to score Zabivke. And he did it without looking. But did not stop.
Leading politicians will see these very often, but at the world Championships in Russia everything is possible.
Putin hit the ball head straight into the Kremlin office, Infantino, receiving a pass. Russia and FIFA have passed a long and difficult path, when the external pressure seemed to become unbearable, but failed to protect sport from politics.}

In an interview with "news week" the day before the start of the Infantino Declaration of love to Russia.

"Beautiful stadiums! The whole world will see them tomorrow! I'm very excited, looking forward to the start of the championship!" exclaims the President of the International football Federation (FIFA)] Gianni Infantino.

The Luzhniki stadium is literally flowing river fans. Only here today, 80 thousand spectators and billions across the planet.
Live broadcast in more than hundred countries of the world. The Russian national anthem sing the whole stadium, the whole team. The event, which previously could only dream of, 14 June 2018 a reality.

"I congratulate you — all the big, multinational, friendly of the world football family — with the start of the main tournament of the world! It's a huge sport event first held in Russia, and we are sincerely happy about that. In our country football is not just the most popular sport. The football we love. And this love, that is, at first sight, with the first official match, which took place in Russia in 1897," — said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

British "the times" wrote that the opening match of this world Cup has surpassed all expectations, demonstrating the strength of Russia.

There was, of course, a special irony in the fact that the world Cup in Russia, which tried to intimidate the fans of the British authorities, has opened a British Robbie Williams. London Newspapers wrote that the singer had "sold his soul to the dictator Putin." { In his speech, Williams suddenly changed the lyrics and sang the phrase "I did it for free", showing the camera an obscene gesture.

Middle finger Robbie Williams was addressed to all enemies of the singer, in particular, British MP Stephen Doughty, who was surprised and disappointed when he learned that Williams "had agreed to receive money from Russia and FIFA."

Stream from Moscow on the Ukrainian TV channel "inter" became the highest rated in the country, no matter how a policy of trying to prohibit these esters, it was found that such prohibitions would be too expensive — huge fines. So that the whole Ukraine saw Russia live for what it is. In General, many Ukrainians went to Russia for the matches. According to the foreign Ministry, only in our country, arrived about 2 million foreigners.

"Did everything to ensure that fans, athletes, professionals can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a magnificent feast of football and, of course, got the pleasure of staying in Russia — open, hospitable, friendly, gained new friends and new supporters. I wish all the teams success, and fans — unforgettable impressions. Welcome to Russia!" – said Putin.

An unforgettable experience this championship has given, but whether there will be — a month ahead of the world sports festival in Russia.

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