Nord Stream Race 2018: regatta, uniting the Baltic

SL, Четверг 21 Июнь 2018 - 15:59:48

The largest of the Baltic offshore regatta Nord Stream Race in 2018, organized by the yacht club of Saint-Petersburg, starts at the end of this week. Correspondent Вестей.Ru was able to talk with the project Director Elena Solovieva about the upcoming event.

- Elena, what is offshore regatta? What are the characteristics of the Nord Stream Race, what special qualities it requires from the athletes?
- Called offshore regatta, which runs along the route at a considerable distance from the shore, in the open sea or ocean. Our race the Nord Stream Race is the longest offshore regatta in the Baltic sea and one of the longest in Europe in principle. The distance of the regatta is 1000 nautical miles, which are divided into four stages: from the North German city of Kiel to Copenhagen, then from Copenhagen to Stockholm, then to Helsinki and finish in Saint-Petersburg. Any regatta on the open sea requires athletes physical, emotional and psychological endurance requires constant concentration of the crew, and it's not easy. After all, to maintain the maximum speed of the yacht you need from start to finish, regardless of time of day and weather conditions athletes work without proper sleep, with minimal comfort, in wet clothes, from food only freeze-dried food and minimal amenities. For anyone just switch to this mode is not so easy.

- How do you select teams to participate in the regatta?
- From 2017, the organizer of the regatta the yacht club of Saint-Petersburg it was decided to change the system of selection of participants of Nord Stream Race. In recent years, Europe is actively developing format of national sailing leagues like Champions League in football or volleyball. Within these leagues and yacht clubs in the country compete against each other. The winners of the national leagues and become participants of Nord Stream Race. It is another feature of the regatta is its social value, because the race route runs along the Nord Stream pipeline. Accordingly, we involve all the countries participating in this project: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia, and the fans become not only the clubs members, and all spectators of the sailing Leagues of any country.

- What level of athletes participating in it?
- Participation in the Nord Stream Race is very different from competition in national leagues and it is another feature of the regatta, as well as a challenge for the teams. Last year, for some participants, the access to the open sea and stay on the yacht for more than 8 hours was a unique experience. They have a very good level of training, but it is not always suitable for racing on the open sea. None of the teams are not overawed by the size of boats or the open sea. Of course, it took them time to understand, but was sufficient for participation in the regatta. The only requirement of the organizers was the presence of the professional Navigator and skipper with experience in offshore regattas. We encourage the crews of the presence of women and youth. For example, last season each team had several athletes under the age of 30 years and a few girls.

- For the second time in a row Russia is the team from Yekaterinburg. How they manage to get around the St. Petersburg team if she participates in the qualifying rounds?
- Winners of the Russian national sailing League 2016 and 2017 – team "Masters of sail" from Ekaterinburg will again represent Russia in the Nord Stream Race in 2018. That is, the citizens won that right thanks to the victory in the national League. The team of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg is also a permanent member of the Russian League and last year finished in seventh out of more than twenty teams from across the country. As strange as it may sound, the Ural sailing school are very strong. The basis of it was laid in Soviet times, and now there is an active training and competitive activities. In particular, besides the victory in the national League, the citizens last year became the world Champions in a very prestigious Melges32 class. In the new season of the Nord Stream Race the team from Ekaterinburg will be mixed with experienced yachtsmen will compete with the newcomers. Will lead a team of Master of sports of international class Sergey Musikhin.

- How is the Nord Stream Race 2012, what changes have occurred with the regatta?
- As a sporting event we are trying to develop dynamically and to keep up with the times. In addition to changing the system of selection of participants, we increased the number of stages and towns that participate in the regatta, and therefore the audience of the Nord Stream Race is constantly expanding. Now the development of sailing is in the direction of increasing speeds and increasing dynamics. Increased demand for standardized, monotype yachts of the same class that do not minimize the impact of technical factors on the outcome of the team. Following this trend, in 2016, was replaced on the class of yachts that participants use in the race. Now this ultra-modern 50-foot boat, suitable for short coastal races (which is also in the program of the Nord Stream Race) and races in the open sea. Boats are provided to the participants by the organizers. Mentioned about the connection of the Nord Stream Race with the national sailing leagues. Club competitions this is also one of the trends of modern sails. Attracting clubs from different countries, we have built a sports vertical competitive process, which goes beyond the national framework at the international level, which helps to better convey the main idea of the Nord Stream Race – "Uniting the Baltic with the sport!". At the same time, pronounced national identity of the regatta allows teams to form a wide audience of fans, because club teams are not just managers, relatives, friends, teammates. They closely follow the competition and support their teams.

- What innovations will the participants in the season of 2018? How do you plan to develop the regatta in the future?
- The development of the Nord Stream Race is not stopped. In the coming season the start of the regatta in Kiel will be marked by the fleet's participation in the activities of the world's largest sailing festival "Kieler Woche". The Nord Stream Race fleet will take part in the race-the opening of the festival and the start of the first stage will mark the final day of the "Kieler Woche".

In Copenhagen the race village Nord Stream Race will be in the heart of the city opposite the Opera house, which will allow to broaden the audience. Also in the Finnish capital fleet will be based in the city centre, because we want to make the sail not so much among the fans of this sport, but also to a wider audience.

In Sweden, the planned joint launch of the Nord Stream Race with the oldest known all over the world, race around O. Hogland — ÅF Offshore Race, which is held since 1937.

On arrival in Saint Petersburg the regatta participants will plunge into the atmosphere of the world Cup, which is currently taking Russia. We will not stay away from the event and plan to integrate the topic of football in the current season of the Nord Stream Race.

Another important audience involved in the Nord Stream Race, it's establishment and business. In 2018 planned special events for the Association of business circles of different countries. For example, in Germany it will be the business bar in the race village on the subject of cooperation between business and sports are also scheduled in several stages short demonstration race with the participation of entrepreneurs and the press.

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