Luka Modric from childhood surprised football talent

SL, Среда 11 Июль 2018 - 21:22:59

Today in Moscow, playing in the semifinals of the national teams of Croatia and England. Where childhood and adolescence one of the most talented players in Croatia, found out Darya Grigorova.

Modrychi village three hundred kilometers from Zagreb. The coincidence with the name of the main star of the Croatian national team is not accidental.

In this Destroyed house on a mountain road 10 first number of Croatian national team and spent his early childhood. The house belonged to Luka Modric, the grandfather of the footballer, after whom it was named. Around still minefields Yugoslav war. You can see the sign. "Not prilepite!" It is clear and without translation.

Here's a little Bow and began to play football. But whether there are any other Modrychi in Modrica? The village is very small — only four houses. Once displayed, Doyo — no doubt, they midfielder relatives.

"Very cheerful and lively child was itself small, but always with the ball, he drove, probably, as I started to walk. We were confident that Luke's talent. I am very proud of them," says Dojo Modric, a relative of the player.

Now the success of a grandson, Dojo watching on TV. Because of the fighting that ensued in these places, Luke's family fled to the nearby town of Zadar. And there was a football club.

"Daniel subašić, Luka Modric, my father and me."

Danilo paunović — a childhood friend and Luka Modric, and current goalkeeper Daniel Subasic. Together, they grew at a modest Zadar stadium. But if not for Danilo, who is now the coach himself, such a selfless goalkeeper from Croatia, could not be.

"Subasic was 14 years old when he decided to retire from football. One coach put it of the goalie and the parents told him to quit football and started school. It was then that I asked my father, who was the coach that he took Subasic in the teenage team," — says Danilo paunović, coach of football club "Zadar".

Since 2012, the Sub, the name of his fans, plays in the club "Monaco". When the club reached the League 1, and last season won the title of champion of France. In his 33 years he is the oldest player on the Croatian national team, the cost of the player according to transfermarkt very small — four and a half million euros.

Luka Modric, whom subašić plays since childhood, 32 years. The captain comes out of the top five most expensive players of your team, its cost is estimated at 25 million euros. But for Croatian fans all these figures have no meaning. To understand how strong support for the national team, just look how she sick at home.

So the Central square of Zagreb celebrates a goal. Fans lit fireworks, the smoke almost can not see anything. In stadiums is strictly forbidden, and here of fireworks — a few dozen.

Raging crowd of fans it has justified the name of his team — "Vatreni", that is fire. And fans smoke smoke bombs, blow up firecrackers and singing.

To watch the match with Russia on the main square came at least 15 thousand people. In the semi-final with England waiting for more, despite the scandalous video where domagoj Vida and Ognjen Vukojevic shout greetings of Ukrainian nationalists.

In Croatia it has also become the subject of No. 1, says the chief editor of the political weekly Nacional Berislav Elinic.

"Some Croats making fun of them on social networks, while others are completely ignored. We are talking about players who do not understand politics and do not understand what may follow such statements. They just weren't bright enough to do it on purpose. But of course, Croatia is not needed, especially now," he said.

Especially now — it's before the match with England. Croatian national team which is not favorite for this match, will need all the support possible.

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