"It was my day to die": rapper 6IX9INE beaten, kidnapped and robbed

SL, Monday 23 July 2018 - 19:32:06

In the United States continues the series of attacks on hip-hop musicians. Over the last month made for the third RAID. The previous two ended with the deaths of singers of the recitative. Is the war between East and West coast, which 22 years ago was killed by the legendary 2Pac (Tupac Shakur), again declared?

Listen to his songs and wonder: why so much courage? General meaning of the texts of the famous American rapper TEKASHI 6IX9INE (Takashi Sixnine) can be combined into one sentence: "In this world only I a normal person." And even at the concerts of the controversial artist and then breaks down on their own fans.

Most of the performances of Daniel Hernandez (his real name) end with sparring and fighting. They go beyond the stage of life. In the Network there are shots where he hits in the face of a fan and satisfied with the carnage in a vacuum. Or provoke the black guy in the Parking lot, but hurting for the rapper already waving the guards.

He called himself untouchable and king of new York, but it turns out, was wrong: on the night of the self-styled "His Highness" is not a Royal at a cost unknown to the robbers. The rapper has returned from filming the clip when he was attacked. Three strikes and you're master of the recitative had become compliant. Together with the offenders, he proceeded to his house, where, allegedly, gave them jewels and 750 thousand dollars and 20 thousand in cash. It is known that at this point in the home were his girlfriend and young daughter, they were not injured. A number of media reports that criminals are receiving the bait, leaving, took with him a rapper. But he managed to escape, to appeal to passers-by and call the police.

The attack on the rappers in the US, although in and out on the front pages of Newspapers, have ceased to be a sensation. These attacks happen regularly, and don't always end up with scratches and bruises.

A month ago in Miami practically in an emphasis have shot of another famous artist. In the body of rapper XXXTentacion were fired at least five bullets. Then immediately started talking about gang showdowns, calling rap artists an integral part of the overseas criminal world.

Rap translated to English means "kick" or "rhythm". How to assure researchers of the genre, the roots of this trend are the African shamans. In 50-e years of the last century rhythmic music became interested in Jamaica, from the music of the poor came to the mainland. But the recitative was different. In General, the rappers had read about that surrounded them. And if Jamaica is beaches, palm trees and dance, new York- shootouts, drugs, money, weapons.

New style became an integral part of poor American neighborhoods. Rap artists often identify themselves to various criminal groups, between which there were constant redistribution of business. And was he not civilized.

While Mike Tyson fists crushing his opponents in the ring, Tupac Shakur did it in word from the stage than to have made a lot of enemies. The Mike Tyson fight with Bruce Seldon in 1996 — the last public event before his death was visited by Tupac. The rapper was then at the height of his fame. Several hours later, his life was interrupted by four shots. Later, American journalists found: the killing star was the result of the redistribution of influence within the gang. And the name of the killer voiced by his father (known in the US gangster) this year alone.

So in case of an attack on a young rapper Takashi the police are looking for a criminal trail. The artist turned to its subscribers in social networks: "as crazy As it sounds, yesterday morning I felt that it was my day to die. May God strike me down if I lie. Everything has its own reason. There's nothing more important than life and just the opportunity to see a new day. To see my daughter that day. Say "no" to hatred. Charge of the street this power."

According to this statement, Takashi of daring and untouchable, became a preacher of the good. Perhaps, instead of photos with guns in their hands will come the pictures of the rapper with balloons. Smiles it will add, but obviously it will spoil the image of the gangster and the "king of new York", whose Treasury was recently stolen.

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