Sail. Saint Petersburg in anticipation of the Champions League Europe

SL, Вторник 24 Июль 2018 - 09:35:37

Saint Petersburg in early August, will take the qualification round of the European sailing Champions League, which will involve more than 30 yacht clubs from 16 countries. The Northern capital will host such competitions for the third year in a row.

Sailing race, which will be able to observe anyone, will be held on the Neva river at the Peter and Paul fortress, from 3 to 6 August. The organizer of the stage of the European sailing Champions League yacht club of Saint-Petersburg, the General partner of the competition of PJSC "Gazprom".

In the qualifying round of the European sailing Champions League in St. Petersburg will compete for the team prize winners in the national sailing leagues in their countries. On the Neva the strongest boat clubs will fight for a place in the finals of the international League, which will be held in Switzerland in late summer.

The upcoming visit of the European sailing Champions League promises to surpass all previous ones. The composition of participants has increased by a third, and geography teams has increased considerably. More than half of the participants will arrive in Saint Petersburg for the first time.

On the Neva river will be the winner from qualifications and winner selection 2016 – team "racing North German Union" from Hamburg. Also Germany will be represented by the winner of the European sailing Champions League 2016 Deutscher Touring Yacht-Club.

Traditionally strong in river conditions Switzerland will be represented by two clubs, among which the award-winning yacht club of the Geneva – winner of the European sailing Champions League in 2017. The colors of the flag of Denmark protects the yacht club of Frederikshavn, which last year in St. Petersburg was the second. Also on the Neva river will perform the Austrians from the yacht club lake Ahii, Nyländska Jaktklubben team of Finnish, Polish yacht club of Sopot.

"For many years the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg is consistently working to attract to our beautiful city as many boaters and guests, says the Commodore of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir Liubomirov, For example, in the framework of the European sailing Champions League in 2016 on the Neva competed hardly 20 teams, and two years later more than 30. Our city deserves to lead the ranking of the sailing capitals of the world, and this goal is already close."

On the background of formidable opponents, the Russians do not look back. The young crew of the yacht club of Saint-Petersburg under the direction of mentor, participant in the Olympic games in 2000, Anna Basalkina, last year won bronze of the qualifying stage. Already in the final of the European sailing Champions League 2017, the team from Vladivostok "Seven feet" won the silver, and the citizens "the Lords of the sail — Europe" was the fourth.

This season, in addition to the crew "home" yacht club, to defend the colors of the Russian flag in competition with the best yacht clubs in Europe will be crews from Moscow ("Navigator" and "pies") and Yekaterinburg ("the Master of the sails – Europe" and "Lord sails – Asia").

Given the extensive list of participants, the competition will last for 4 days. The race will be given on August 3 and will conclude the qualifying stage of the European sailing Champions League in St. Petersburg on 6 August. To support the Russian team on the Neva river can all attend, the race village at the Peter and Paul fortress will be open for free visits.

On the beach the Peter and Paul fortress will be organized in the race village, places to view the competitions and activities for visitors: a rope cube, beach volleyball, Windsurfing training on the coastal simulator, sailing simulators for adults and children.

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