The tenth music festival in Gabala: music erases borders and distances

SL, Monday 06 August 2018 - 10:47:18

Gabala in Azerbaijan for several days the sound of Cuban salsa, Spanish flamenco, Georgian jazz and of course classic. There goes the tenth international music festival. At one site along with beginning groups are famous artists.

Musicians from around the world, the owners of the big names and is still very young bands, instrumentalists, singers, conductors. For the tenth time, and therefore the tenth consecutive year, the Gabala international festival of eight days makes this mountain resort Azerbaijan into one big concert hall.

"This festival some kind of outlet for us, for Azerbaijan, for Azerbaijan to have known, learned, if, after the second festival did not know, after the third a lot of applications to participate. Call it the little Switzerland of Azerbaijan. The festival was made by our state Symphony orchestra at the opening. The first concert was dedicated exactly a decade this festival was associated with the centenary of our well-known genius of the composer Gara Garayev", — said people's artist, Professor, Director of the Azerbaijan state Philharmonic society Murad Adigozalzade.

In clear weather, the concerts are played under the open sky. Classical and modern music on the background of the original mountain scenery. Its doors for the audience open and luxurious concert halls of the hotel equipped with the latest sound systems. Hear every note, every sound.

Gabala international festival is not only a classical program, but also of chamber and folk music, during the festival here played Spanish flamenco and Cuban folk motifs, and now the Georgian group performs jazz.

The possibility of expression for each artist. In the program of the tenth anniversary of the Gabala festival was Russian classical musicians of the Spivakov Foundation, and the Gipsy band from Hungary. Headliners of the evening — a band from Tbilisi. At the festival, they come for the second year in a row.

"How was the festival good, and remained in this festival. Here a variety of bands perform, we, to be honest, not a Symphony orchestra, not a chamber orchestra, we "Tbilisi Big Band". We have a varied program, Georgian songs, polyphony, jazz, world hits, such fusion programme – fusion", — says Director of the ensemble "Tbilisi Big Band" Caja Markozashvili.

A symbiosis of styles and cultures. One stage virtuosos such as Yuri Bashmet and Denis Matsuev together with completely unknown artists just starting out their career. Support young artists and musicians is one of the most important tasks of the festival. And the lack of a certain musical concept, in fact, and is a key concept.

"I was mercilessly criticized for the lack of the concept of the festival! What kind of salad do you not understand? This festival of classical music, the folk music festival or what? And I think that here in such variety the audience does not get tired. Today they are listening to a Symphony by Brahms, and the next day they look flamenco. What's wrong with that? Someone loves flamenco, someone who likes jazz. And one more thing: we have a festival of nature and education," emphasizes the artistic Director of the Gabala international festival, rector of the Baku music Academy, people's artist of the USSR Badalbeyli Farhat.

Before each performance for the audience held a small lecture about the composers and the works of their authorship. The festival is non-profit, so admission to all concerts is free, which attracts not only the lovers from all over the world, especially coming to Gabala for this summer celebration of music, but also local residents. This gives them a unique opportunity to touch the charming world of music.

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