In the Tver region woman with a stroke waiting for the doctors two days

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In the Tver region, find out on what basis the patient refused medical attention. A woman with a stroke waiting for the doctors two days, and when they finally arrived — left it at home. As a result, the hospital was with her husband.

In the Tver region already joking that an ambulance is best to call in advance, three days or even a week, because now doctors can just not come. However, Alexander Kolesov and his suddenly sick wife Irina was not amused. Severe headache, the emergency Manager, took the call, explained the storm, and to send the brigade refused, advising the woman to drink Valerian and dipyrone.

"Sunday night was really bad, so she went into the gazebo, sat in a chair, put the Cup on the table and stand up. What struck us, calling in a hundred three, called address, Chernogubov, and I have to ask — does the Kalinin district? What the hell do you call us?" — said Alexander Kolesov.

In the opinion of the Manager, to call Alexander had not on-purpose room 103, and directly to the Central hospital. Irina's condition has worsened. Headache has not passed for several days. The woman barely spoke and barely standing on his feet. But the local ambulance again found no grounds to immediately send a team to the challenge.

"First no, no. It's been three hours. I called an ambulance, I say — we your call was forwarded to the CRB, call back. Well, makes sense to me. Call the CRB, to get through to them as to the Kremlin, I have 24 dialing the three numbers. Ask so and so, received a call, this address is where the team, and I say – no wait, no you will not go, we have your call forwarded to the office of General practitioner," continued Alexander.

Wasting no time, the couple asked a friend to immediately take them to the doctor's office, and what was their surprise that the doctor here is only one, and it only takes until noon. As it turned out, the calls and challenges there has long been responsible lady Lyudmila Plesneva. According to her, the Manager, who refused to take up the challenge and sent Irina to the doctor's office was well known.

Lyudmila Plesneva worker office of the General practitioner Chernahovskogo rural settlement, said: "I wrote it all down, and then the Manager calls me somewhere at half past ten and asked — why do not you serve the patient? I say — what? Well, I gave you! Well, I told her that the doctors we have, nurses have not, I'm only the cleaner".

On their own, have no hope for the ambulance, Irina decided to drive to the regional hospital. The diagnosis "stroke" was confirmed in the emergency room. Fortunately, doctors managed to stabilize her condition. And this story would have remained forgotten if not for Alexander's post in one of social networks. Tver Ministry of health and local Investigative Committee has started unscheduled checks on the fact of failure to provide timely medical care.

"The staff of the Investigative Committee establishes all circumstances of an event, carefully checked the information that the doctors refused to come to the call. Verified actions of the dispatcher and ambulance workers when receiving a message from a man who needed medical assistance," — said the Deputy head of the Kalinin MSO SU SK the Russian Federation across the Tver region Dmitry Magomayev.

Under current law, the ambulance is required to arrive at any emergency call in the shortest possible time, no matter, whether child or man with slurred speech.

In case of failure in the delivery of health care in which the patient's life is in danger, or even the patient dies, all the staff responsible for the challenge will be held accountable. From dispatcher to paramedic. Estimated lawyers, Tver doctors can be charged under two articles of the Criminal code: the abandonment of risk and failure to render aid to the patient.

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