Syria showed foreign journalists

SL, Пятница 17 Август 2018 - 22:13:01

Russian military cooperation with the Syrian authorities arranged for foreign journalists by the special press tour. The last stop was the city of Aleppo. After the liberation from the militants, its population has nearly doubled. Why do they return — the Syrians themselves told reporters. What I see journalists from different countries?

Before flying to Aleppo foreign journalists surround laid out on the concrete drones. Specifically these two Russian air defenses were destroyed the day before. Only last month shot down 45 of these makeshift machines. Each was carrying 10 explosive devices. "These technologies can be applied not only in Syria and not only to attacks on military targets", — says the official representative of the Department of information and mass communications (DIMC) of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov.

Liberated from the militants in the neighborhoods of East Aleppo impressive scale of destruction. However, located in the vicinity of the industrial zone has already earned. Large shop and small businesses are opening here again on a weekly basis. Foreign reporters talk with the workers, the majority of which are former refugees.

The correspondent of the Spanish newspaper emphasizes that the opportunity to be in Syria at this critical moment is well worth it. The column of buses with Western journalists passing through Aleppo. From the Western part to the Eastern. That which the militants turned into a real fortress. At the same time, and are unable to take the citadel.

The journalists rise to the citadel. Famous view of Syria. To be here for many — not only professional, but also personal success. The oldest fortification 4 years defended 90 Syrian soldiers. Food, water and ammunition they were thrown from the helicopter. The militants fired at the citadel around the clock. Foreign journalists are listening for the story Director to the fortress Museum. The scientist tells visitors about the beginning of the restoration of the historical monument.

Materials of foreign journalists during their visit on Syria came out daily. With Christophe Vannara "News" worked together in Palmyra two years ago. German journalist, thanks to the Russian Ministry of defense capabilities, and today tells Europe about what is happening in the Golan heights. "For the Russian military service in the Golan heights is not an easy job, he said. — Equilibristics room. Their task — not to allow Iranian allied Assad troops to the Syrian-Israeli border. It is necessary to prevent confrontation between bitter enemies Iran and Israel."

A fragment of conversation with Christophe in the vicinity of Damascus: "No restrictions. This is extremely important because we have a lot of refugees from Syria. Those who want to go back, it is very important to know what the situation at home."

SNN correspondent Fred Platenum communicate, that is, without a microphone. His refusal in an interview to "Vesti" a colleague motivate his employment contract. But he speaks with a Russian military police, takes stand-up Comedy. And here's a snippet of his story on American television: "the return of the territories under control, which is managed to achieve government forces in Syria using Russian Armed forces, is truly impressive. They, the Russian military, took us from the southern border of Syria to the Holmes".

Chinese journalists traditionally the most inquisitive. Lu Yu van arrives in Syria at every opportunity. Its materials, organized by the Russian military one came out in China daily. With Lou, we met and spoke at length on the Syrian-Lebanese border. "All show, the whole truth eyes, confirms it. — The Chinese media have the position, no West not listening. All your eyes, from your eyes. All he can see — as is".

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