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The man, who did much to ensure that international law was respected and worked steadily. In Bern on 81-m to year of life died former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

My condolences expressed by Vladimir Putin. In a telegram addressed to the current UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, the President said that "Kofi Annan has done much for the realization of the goals and objectives of the UN, especially his great personal contribution to building peacekeeping capacity of the organization."

Annan was the head of the United Nations for 10 years, has pursued an active reform within the UN, strongly opposed the American invasion of Iraq. It is no coincidence that the Nobel Committee awarded him the prize "For strengthening peace in the world".

The word "first" in the biography of the seventh UN Secretary General Kofi Annan found in almost every Chapter. The first African-American to lead the world organization, the first Secretary General who has risen to the top, having risen from a lowly servant in the system, it will General secretaries were invited only from the side. In 2001 he became the first head of the United Nations, who was re-elected ahead of schedule.

"Kofi Annan, of course, was not a member of the UN Secretary General, probably, this word is not applicable to such a high international position, but Kofi Annan certainly played a role, and I would call this the role in some cases noticeable, and in some even outstanding in the process of implementing powers of the UN. A lot of events where his role as Secretary General was a prominent and constructive. It is clear that no Secretary General cannot be stronger than the organization itself. After all, Kofi Annan was able to combine positions and senior officials of the organization, and the Secretary, and the General, in the sense that it tried all its capabilities to contribute to political settlement of international problems and conflicts", — said Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Committee of Federation Council on international Affairs.

Son of a tribal chief whose name means "born on Friday", Kofi Annan came to light when his native Ghana was still a British colony called the Gold Coast. Studies at mit have discovered a path, and his move to Geneva to work at the world health organization itself Annan initially considered only good practice.

But life decided otherwise. The UN economic Commission for Africa Nations emergency force and the Office of the high Commissioner for refugees. Annan learned of the world from the inside, and therefore, probably, was so eager to reform.

In ' 97, when the Americans vetoed the re-run candidacy of Boutros Boutros-Ghali exactly Annan succeeded him in office.

"Indeed, the years when he was the UN Secretary General, came a series of international crises. I first met him in the Balkans, when he was Deputy Secretary General of the UN, and he later played a significant role in the stabilization of the situation in this hot spot of Europe and in the world. A few years later I met him, already engaged in the settlement of the Cyprus problem, quite old. A fairly unusual company this happened. And in this rather difficult situation, Kofi Annan has behaved in a balanced way, always spoke quietly and calmly. Never showing your feelings. But he did serve the cause of peace, and I think this is it and remember," — said the permanent representative of Russia to the EU Vladimir Chizhov.

To serve was not easy. US who believe in a unipolar world, did not pay attention to the position of the UN. The presidency Annan came NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia and the American invasion of Afghanistan. But in 2003, after the infamous vial of Colin Powell lost patience even considered a pragmatist Annan.

"War should always be a last resort, to resort to which will be possible only if they have exhausted all possible peaceful means of disarming Iraq. The UN was founded to save future generations from the horrors of war, and must to the end to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. If the action is taken without Security Council approval, legitimacy and support for such actions will be seriously weakened", — said Kofi Annan.

Two years before Annan became the laureate of the Nobel peace prize. It was awarded for efforts in myth-making and the active attempts to reform the UN. Activity Annan will not please everyone. Scandal round the program "Oil in exchange for food" much struck by the General Secretary.

"I will leave office convinced that the United Nations does more than ever before. She does it better than ever before. However, our work is far from complete. If at all possible. Now, this mission goes to my successor. I'm sure the fate of Nations is in safe hands," said Annan.

After retiring from the post, Annan has not departed from the global policy. In 2012, he offered his plan for reducing the escalation in Syria, which was supported by Russia. He led and the Organization of the elders, which stood at the origins of Nelson Mandela. In recent years, Kofi Annan has lived and worked in Switzerland, where he headed the Foundation in his own name.

In the days of a short illness that led to death, next to Anton was his wife Nane, the niece of the famous Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, and their three children. About where to host the ceremony and where it will be buried by the former UN Secretary General, his family promises to announce later.

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