43 dead: bridge Morandi cost Genoa too expensive

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Italy this week was shocked by the tragedy in Genoa. On Tuesday, a 200-metre span of the huge bridge suddenly collapsed directly into houses that were under him. At this point the bridge was passing a lot of cars is the road from the airport to the resorts. 43 people were killed and several still missing. This event was made to test several similar bridges built by the same architect Riccardo Morandi. They have around the world. In Italy introduced a state of emergency, there is an investigation.

"Is there anyone alive?!" — scream squad. Despite all the technical Arsenal, the best tool is still the human voice.

"When I woke up, I was under the rubble. I was holding my daughter's hand, but couldn't see — she was completely buried under the debris. I started screaming for help, screaming, to save my daughter that we need to get out of there," says Marina Galeata affected.

Those who still found — 16. Someone like Marina Guality and her daughter pulled from the rubble during the collapse they were hiding from the storm under the bridge. 28-letniy Gianluca Ardini Vice versa — literally hanging on the verge of death: car flying 40 meters, stuck in the twisted rebar and hung 20 metres above the ground. Any careless movement of rescuers would be fatal.

The former goalkeeper of the club "Cagliari" David Capello flew in the car 30 meters. Lucky — landed on a mountain of rubble. In the end, no serious injuries.

On the edge of the abyss to turn back time truck driver supermarket Basko. A picture of his car in any meter from the edge became a symbol of a miracle. But the list of victims longer — today it is already 43 people. Four of them — children.

Under one of the concrete blocks find a crushed car, I was driving a family of three.

The rubble could take weeks, if not months, but there also may be bodies of victims. The exact number missing from the authorities there.

The fact that the bridge fell on the head of the residents of the houses located nearby, is another miracle. Now more than 600 people were evacuated, people were promised that they will be able to pick up their personal belongings, but on the return to complete the demolition of the bridge, which is at least months, no question — two other pylon may collapse at any moment.

The first funeral took place on Saturday. At the state ceremony was attended by the President and the Prime Minister. Giuseppe Conte was booed during the ceremony, but in the address of Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, on the contrary, it sounded applause.

Many relatives of the victims and ordinary Italians to participate in the official ceremony has refused, in the tragedy, they blame the government.

The bridge was built within 5 years and opened in 1967. a Similar project is in Libya, but for security reasons, shut down in 2017. In Venezuela, too, is a bridge Morandi, it was his debut project. The bridge partially collapsed in ' 64, killed five. Then one of the piers was hit by a tanker. It turned out that this probability does not been costed by the architect.

"In the first span of the bridge during the repair pulled the iron straps on the outside. They do not exist in others. Elastic reinforcement and concrete works poorly in tension. Perhaps this was a major mistake during the repair of this bridge," explains Luke Mojari of the architectural chamber of Genoa, and adds that the shelf life of the material could just come to an end.

"We use concrete not more than 100 years, we haven't fully studied the properties of this material. We can't say at this point, how to behave in these structures after 50-60 years. We need to reconsider the use of this material in principle, — says the architect. — 10 years ago there was a plan for the reconstruction and detour, because everyone knew that the life of the bridge is coming to an end."

The project was called "Gronda" is 72 km, most of the viaducts and tunnels. Cost — nearly 4.5 billion euros, and seemed to be too expensive. The damage from the collapse of the bridge Morandi — already 15 billion. Against "Grandy" were "five star Movement". In 2013, forecast of an imminent collapse of the bridge in Genoa the party calls "Tavolette" that is a fairy tale. Now the text of the statement is removed from the party web site, but copies have survived: "We say that the bridge collapse was unavoidable, for example, so declared the former head of the province, however, this means that he obviously did not read the final report submitted by the company Autostrade in 2009. In this report, we can read that the bridge "will stand for another hundred years," only in the "regular maintenance for the standard price".

Now, when the "five star Movement" in government, party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio on the contrary openly blames the company Autostrade per l'italia: "Responsible have names and surnames, and that Autostrade per l'italia. After many years, during which time we were told that private companies are much better engaged in the management, we have a one of Europe's largest concessionaires, who claims that the bridge was safe."

But transport Minister Toninelli, is also a member of the movement, announced the termination of its contract and plans to fine the company for 150 million euros. Under the management of Autostrade per l'italia is almost 3 thousands of kilometers of roads, the annual income of more than a billion euros. First public appearance after the disaster managers of the company — press conference immediately after the funeral. The company stated that it did not consider it necessary to take responsibility for the incident, in which there is an investigation.

Documents seized in the office showed that repairs cost 20 million euros was transferred from may to September, in addition, it was decided not to put the sensors, which could raise the alarm. Italian highway a10 connects the French Riviera with the Ligurian coast. If you make a route on the website of the management company itself from Ventimiglia, on the border with France, to Genoa (this is one of the busiest seasonal destinations), the system displays the fare of 19 euros 40 cents. During the year the bridge Morandi crossed 25 million cars. To pluck the season and miss the profit of the company is not wanted. In addition, the examination did their experts for the assessment of service quality has paid the company. Therefore, to postpone the repair was not difficult.

Another building Morandi — the 4-kilometer viaduct in the Sicilian Agrigento. Support — almost one to one. And concrete on the same patent. Last year, the viaduct was closed for renovation, and no one resisted because the travel on it was free, unlike Genoa, where the toll road was too expensive.

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