In Gelendzhik will pass the championship of Russia on aquabike

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The strongest aquabiker countries will take part in the championship of Russia on aquabike, which will be held from 6 to 9 September in Gelendzhik, in the frames of Gidroaviasalon 2018. The competition will be held under support of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation, administration of city-resort of Gelendzhik, the technodynamics, the airline "Red Wings".

The competition will be held on the embankment of Gelendzhik Bay, 7, 8 and 9 September in the territory of the experimental test base TANTK named after G. M. Beriev in the framework of the "Gidroaviasalon 2018". The winners will be determined in different age categories in the three classes. In the slalom (race with two athletes) and circuit racing (race with the General start) the main task is to show the best time. The most spectacular sight is expected in the freestyle. Discipline involves a demonstration by members of the individual tricks and their ligaments of various degrees of complexity. Participation in the championship will bring the best athletes in the country: Sergey Chemezov, Arseny of Matantsev, Mikhail Ershov, Alexander Kuramshin and other aquabiker, which confirmed his high rating in the Cup of Russia on aquabike, which the organizers of the Championship held in June in Tver.

"Gelendzhik is unfairly undervalued for a major competition in the aquatic sports. Although it has all the necessary conditions. This is the beautiful water area of the Gelendzhik Bay with a width of 3 kilometers, and one of the long comfortable sea embankments in the world, and the unique for Russia natural and climatic conditions that allow to extend the summer season, and developed tourist infrastructure. That's why our championship is held here," — says Mikhail Ershov, the chief organizer of the championship of Russia on aquabike in 2018, the master of sports on water and sailing sports, Russian champion in freestyle jet ski.

"We are very pleased to receive such a status and spectacular competitions. I am sure that the city with its geographical advantages and well-developed infrastructure shall ensure comfortable conditions for athletes and organizers. And the participants, in turn, will bring great pleasure to the spectators, the inhabitants of Gelendzhik. The championship of Russia on aquabike is held here in the city for the first time. I hope this will become a good tradition in the future," says Victor Christin, mayor of the resort city Gelendzhik.

This year the championship will take place in the framework of the "Gidroaviasalon 2018", organized by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. "I am confident that our championship will take its rightful place in the busy programme of the "Gidroaviasalon". In Noumea we spend the most major jet ski competitions of the season, which will conclude around 2018, and will determine the position of each athlete in the current ranking. In the sky sophisticated freestyle-the program will perform the legendary aviation group aerobatics "Swifts" of Russian air force and the aerobatic team "First flight", and the best test pilots of Beriev complex. G. M. Beriev will demonstrate the unique capabilities of the amphibious aircraft be-200 emergency. Complement sports jetski-program freestyle show on the water "a Space Odyssey", which we showed to visitors many prestigious events, including the Eastern economic forum in 2015", — commented Andrey Krasnov, Chairman of the organizing Committee of the championship of Russia on aquabike in 2018, General Director of "Extreme Media Group".

Immersive theatre on the water "a Space Odyssey" with participation of the strongest Russian freestylers in the jet ski, flyboarding and getlive viewers will be able to see day 7, 8 and 9 September. Night version of the show in neon lights and pyrotechnics residents and guests of Gelendzhik will see 9 September at 21:00 on the main promenade of the city.

The General partner of the championship of Russia on aquabike 2018 is the technodynamics: "For many employees is an important part of life, this applies to both ordinary employees and management. Therefore, we invest significant effort to develop and support sporting activities, both inside and outside of the holding, — said General Director of "the Company" Igor Nasenkov. — I am sure that the championship of Russia on aquabike will be an important and interesting event for professional athletes and ordinary viewers, and will help to attract more attention to this spectator sport".

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