Shackles and humiliating examination: the lawyer of Butynol not understand what is happening

SL, Понедельник 20 Август 2018 - 20:53:15

Russian diplomats have urgently called for Mary Butina and sent an official protest to the us authorities for its transfer to another prison. Cruel and degrading called the conditions of detention butinai the Russian Ombudsman. Accusations single camera continuous light, 12 hours without food and personal hygiene items, no explanation, not even to lawyers.

Mary Butina now kept in the investigative ward of Alexandria, in the suburbs of Washington. Red high-rise building with falshakami — secure facility with strict access control. From jail in the nation's capital she was transferred suddenly and without any explanation. That the defendant is now in another place, haven't even told my lawyer.

"Around midnight there was a call from her to my house, however, he was immediately dropped, says lawyer Maria Butunoi Robert Driscoll. But I knew it from the prison of Alexandria. I tried to get there at night, but to see her was only this morning. I don't know why, and trying to find an answer".

As told by Butina, before escorting her took all the things including books and hygiene items, and spent a humiliating personal inspection with a full strip. In the detention center of Alexandria, were transported in shackles. Despite the fact that officially she remains innocent before the verdict, and the danger to society 29-year-old girl clearly is not.

"The next 12 hours Maria held in a quarantine chamber without food, with the lights on and almost without sleep, — it is told on the page of the Russian Embassy in the United States in Facebook. Now it will be contained in the "administrative segregation" (isolation). Its going to be locked up in solitary confinement. We have more questions for American justice. Is it sane to her faults even before the court decision condemning Mary to practice on the verge of torture?".

The Russian was arrested on July 15 in Washington. The U.S. justice Department accused her that she was working for the Russian government and did not register as a foreign agent. Blame her trying to put contacts with activists of the Republican party, representatives of the National rifle Association. Although this was the area of professional interests — two months before his arrest Butina received her master's degree in Metropolitan U.S. University with a degree in International relations. Despite the fact that accusations of working for foreign intelligence, the press immediately dubbed Maria the "Russian spy", and some pretty humiliating comments to her.

"Favourite spy drama of Washington is gaining momentum, says CNN. Protection accused of espionage is trying to create the image of an innocent cute girl, her lawyer, of course, claims that she is innocent. Now they are struggling to change the situation. On the Internet walk photos smiling Butinai, but I think things will change when people see her picture in the prison of Alessandria".

Kinda looked like the author of this remark after what has moved the Russian woman in prison — not hard to guess. The media are trying to draw charges Butynol to the notorious case of the "Russian intervention". From day to day will be declared the first sentence of the accused by the Board of Mueller — Half Manafort. He headed the election headquarters of the trump, has come to the attention of the security services in the investigation of collusion with the Kremlin. But showed him that he did not register as a foreign agent, lobbying for the interests of the Ukrainian government of Yanukovych. Along the way, he revealed his alleged tax evasion.

Manafort lived in Alexandria and is being held in the same prison, and that Maria Butina. Many influential figures in the USA would like to introduce their business as part of a sinister "picture of the conspiracy."

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