Tough times for vendors of fakes: the British ganged up on bi-Bi-si

SL, Вторник 21 Август 2018 - 21:36:48

A country that still can not leave the EU, and at the same time trying to spread Russophobia and already incurable from the States, should behave modestly. So the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded to the call of British colleagues hunt to strengthen sanctions against Russia. Almost a third hour speech in Washington, to hear that its main addressee trump never came, a guest from London campaigned for the isolation of Moscow. And before the trip has given interview of Bi-bi-si, not remembering that the American President equated to CNN and other suppliers of fakes. However, now on bi-Bi-si took up arms and his core audience.

160 thousand messages in the first few hours of the campaign and the hashtag "turn Off bi-Bi-si" goes in the top UK Twitter.

"The BBC has shamelessly failed the majority of the British people, by whitewashing the vile policies of the government, and trying to brainwash them into thinking a decent politician is an Anti Semite. The BBC lie daily", — write in English on Twitter.

"Bi-bi-si a disgrace to the majority of Britons their outright position support the government's position and attempts to brainwash the people, claiming that the politician is an anti-Semite. Day by day bi-Bi-si deceives us" — angry users of the social network translated into Russian language.

The official organizers of the action, but the user that is more active than others call for a boycott of the channel, has been blogging on behalf of a fictional policy Malkova Tucker, a character in the series just the same Bi-bi-si. The main reason for the action was the consecration of the scandal around the leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn, who is now accused of anti-Semitism. Thousands of Twitter users found the materials to the Corporation one-sided, and charges — targeted campaign to destroy the reputation of politics.

"Corbin is a threat to the British government. He is against war, against sanctions, against NATO activities on the Western borders of Russia. That is why the ruling circles of the British government do not want to admit that he became Prime Minister. And reports bi-Bi-si of Russia, Ukraine and Syria mirror the press releases of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister Theresa may", — says the chief editor of Politics First Marcus Papadopoulos.

The journalist also repeatedly came into the view of the conservative British media. For example, an article in the Times, where the journalist called a Russian propagandist, accused of friendship with Jeremy Corbin and calling to deprive of accreditation in the Parliament. Often allegations of bias the British media are and right in the air.

"It is very interesting that you accuse people of hypocrisy, while the channel bi-Bi-si constantly hypocritical, as many other British media. Your attempts to demonize Jeremy Corbin and put him as a defender of terrorists is absolutely outrageous," said one of the listeners of Bi-bi-si.

The accusations against bi-Bi-si on the situation with Jeremy Corbin are not limited to: health care reform, the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, the situation in the middle East. Among the subjects noted by Twitter users, and poisoning in Salisbury and Amesbury. Argument "with high probability" sufficient believe not all.

"If we look at the reporting on Russia in the media — porter Russia most negative. And it has continued for the past two to three years. And again — it all iTV, BBC, BBC, Channel 4. This is all political line of the British government — the government opposes Russia, and these channel reflect the position of the government. Coverage of the Syrian conflict was completely one-sided, to the emergence of ISIS (banned in Russia)," — says journalist Neil Clark.

However, according to the Charter bi-Bi-si, the Corporation is obliged to maintain impartiality and not to play along with any of the political parties.

The budget of the world's oldest broadcasting organization shall be financed from the special tax that is paid by all residents of the UK owning a TV. Now he is 150 pounds a year, which is more than 12 thousand rubles. But the 3.5 million British nationals only for the last 4 years decided bi-Bi-si does not pay a penny!

Though earlier the company an absolute majority was perceived as a national asset, which support is necessary. The Internet is easy to find instructions on how to stop paying so-called license fee.

- It's too expensive. They offer people a lot of services they don't need — explain this position of the British viewers.

- I don't watch TV and Bi-bi-si, I have my laptop, I'm not going to pay this tax — categorically denies their support bi-Bi-si, another Briton.

Front bi-Bi-si in Glasgow held a small rally — Scots dissatisfied with the editorial policy of the Corporation, whose work they are paying out of pocket. According to Statista, the popularity of news programs in the first quarter of this year was the lowest for the last 6 years.

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