The case of Manafort: how the verdict will affect the career of the tramp

SL, Среда 22 Август 2018 - 10:40:57

The main international story of the day is the verdict of the American jury the Floor of Manufactu, former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump.

For three days they had to spend in front of the court pending the outcome of the case of Manafort, the journalists learned all the parks and cafes in the area. So when on the fourth day the building became a race to run out of their colleagues, many breathed a sigh of relief and said to the audience and readers: the former head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump's convicted.

"You probably heard that a verdict is rendered, only eight of the eighteen episodes. Mr. Manafort disappointed that was not fully justified. In any case, he would like to thank the judge for a fair trial. We thank the Board for a long and difficult process. Now my client calculates the variants of development of events", — said the lawyer Manafort Kevin Downing.

"The case of Manafort" launched Robert Mueller – spectacular, who leads the so-called case of interference in the elections. Looking for Russian, but found the Ukrainians. It turned out that from 2007 to 2012, when Manafort worked as a consultant for the "Party of regions", he earned $ 60 million on lobbying for the interests of Viktor Yanukovych and at least fifteen million did not pay taxes. The jury found Manafort guilty to Bank fraud, tax evasion and evasion of Declaration of foreign accounts. President trump news from the court caught during a trip to West Virginia to meet with supporters.

"I'm sorry. I must say that by Paul Manafort is a good man. He worked with Ronald Reagan. The process began as an investigation of "collusion with Russia," but it was not. This is a witch hunt and disgrace. They were looking for Russian influence on the election campaign, but it was not," said trump.

And while trump has convinced the world that he is doing well, another blow, he struck a former lawyer Mike Cohen. Lawyer whole world learned during the scandal with Stormy Daniels – adult film star who said she had a relationship with already married to Melania Donald trump, and Cohen paid her 130 thousand dollars for his silence. For a long time, the lawyer claimed that will stand for your client's wall. But it later emerged that the lawyer secretly recorded the instructions trump on tape, and when he was accused of inappropriate expenditures of money and Bank fraud at $ 20 million, Cohen made a deal with the investigation and stated: on behalf of Donald trump he was paying some women to their rhetoric they would not have prevented the electoral campaign.

"These are very serious charges that reflect the pattern of lies that lasted a long time. These charges are especially important, given that we're talking about a lawyer, who by experience has learned what it means to be a lawyer, to do an honest business and comply with the law. Mr. Cohen turned a blind eye to this experience and decided that he was above the law. And for this he will pay a very, very significant price," — said the Deputy Prosecutor of new York Robert Once.

500 thousand dollars to the priest already had to pay as bail for the release before sentencing. Meanwhile, the liberal media do not hide their joy, because, according to them, the Ghost of Watergate has gained control of the White house.

"I think his presidency struck cancer. This does not mean that the situation is the same as that during Watergate. But if there were metastases, and we learn of new violations of his supporters, I think is in store for him incredibly deep problems," said a former adviser to presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton David Gergen.

If Paul Manafort was found guilty on all counts, would be typed 305 years in prison. It is obvious that in the end will give much less. Michael Cohen, risks to spend behind bars from forty-six to sixty-three months, and according to the deal he will not have the right to appeal the verdict. The results of both processes, we learn later. But, of course, the main question in this story does something to Donald Trump.

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