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"He has a good chance to win if he gets to the second round," the fresh forecast from the American Agency Bloomberg completely dedicated to the Ukrainian artist Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Saw in rock star is a possible candidate for President of Ukraine. Moreover, successful. Of course, rumors about the singer-the guarantor do not appear for the first time. But now the degree of seriousness increased as never before. Like a signal for the Kiev politicians — they say, get ready, there will be a change of course. Moreover, the same Bloomberg describes dissatisfaction with the Poroshenko — both in the West and in Ukraine. One more detail — the statement of the Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA. Curled, saying that Washington "would not support anyone in particular". But at the same time be "in solidarity with those who will save the Euro-Atlantic course". Well, that is the fact that when choosing a President look back on the States, not hide it. Vakarchuk himself while pointedly silent, but tomorrow after a year of respite gives a big concert in Kiev. And "surprises for fans", which, possibly, can wait for the announcement of political ambitions. The more that will present a new song. Actually, it was in her Bloomberg analysts saw hints of a possible presidency.

"We have enough nepravda, we are sick of artificial sleep" — the lyrics of the new songs by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. No wonder Bloomberg saw in her a political subtext. Sounds like a slogan. No clip, but the cover reminded the ballot

To quote the hit on: "How many of us, those who have heart aches, who has woken up and is awake in new time". And apparently a "new time" musician requires personal change. The more that the political ambitions of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's always been. But the communications appeared not so long ago. A frequent visitor to the West he studied at Yale University under the training program of the world leaders and then enhanced their skills and even taught at the Centre on democracy Stanford University.

"It is cherished by the Americans, because he has a clean record, he was not involved in any corruption schemes, he is a talented musician and a young guy with a decent education as opposed to our Minister, who even diploma is not decent," — says the Director of the Kiev center for political studies and conflict Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

Active participant of "orange revolution" and then "Euromaidan" Vakarchuk is known as a critic of the government. And any. For word in pocket not go. For example, recently called the political system of Ukraine "cancerous tumor" and called on to destroy it, thereby only fueled the rumors about his possible nomination.

Now, according to polls, the rating of the chorus is not so great – only 5.7 %. He is noticeably inferior to other possible candidates. But even ahead of the rest of Yulia Tymoshenko is not a leader. In fact, none of them a clear advantage has not. And the chances for the presidency are not determined by opinion poll.

"In order to put on the position the right person, first you need to show that he is a real candidate, to ensure its legitimacy — now look how popular it is in society, he has a positive rating, and then through the mechanisms of elected purely falsified this result him to do," — said political analyst Igor Dimitriev.

That Vakarchuk Americans favor — hardly a secret. And someone even linked the visit of the assistant to the President for homeland security John Bolton to Kiev just with the upcoming elections. "The West would be interested in changing the Ukrainian leader, confirms the political scientist Ivan Mizuho. Petro Poroshenko is not satisfied neither Washington nor the European Union. So it is quite possible that the United States have already begun casting for presidential candidates of Ukraine".

The West never supports one candidate. But the opportunity to watch all still there. Elections are scheduled for March of next year, and the nomination of candidates has not officially started. "Exact data yet, but in the appointment of the President, but the election in Ukraine was the appointment of Washington, and not a democratic instrument of the Ukrainian society, the candidacy Vakarchuk will be considered if not the main, one of the main" — said the analyst
Alexander Asaph.

Who will win in this race — the answer is no. But lose, likely voter, which election choice and do not leave. In Ukraine, if stars light — means, it is necessary for someone.

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