In Lyubertsy district between the summer residents and merchants is a real war

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In Lyubertsy, vacationers are forced to fight and scandals to break through to their own sites. Of SNT Rucheek people literally survive the enterprising merchants. In place of suburban areas there were dormitories for workers. How is this possible?

That morning Tatiana Luckow was awakened by the roar of motors. Looking out the window, the woman saw that the fence is no more, and on her site maneuvering of construction equipment.

— Tried to stop the bulldozer. The bulldozer was following me. Workers dragged me, threw him on the ground.

It turned out, a new neighbor immediately bought half a hectare on the edge of the garden partnership and began to develop his plot. The demolition of several walls did not stop. For concrete blocks the whole road disappeared, and since then gardeners have to get their sites wolf trails.

— Here and so! And with this stick — pushing nettles, weeds, so you can go.

Battles with the use of heavy equipment on the outskirts of Lyubertsy began 10 years ago. Under the pretext of expansion of the Novoryazanskoye motorway and the land razed over 300 garden plots. But to build a road here, no one was going.

"Regulations of the administration for dummies was decorated several dozen plots of SNT Rucheek — the Chairman of SNT Rucheek Sergei Shamanin.

The earth several times resold. The owners here do not appear. Call the host of the largest construction projects.

— You Galkin Valery, the owner of the land about 60 acres in the "Trickle"?
— What?

A businessman from communication refuses. But on the spot immediately appear two strangers.

What do you mean, what are you all shooting?! I'm at work there. What we might be talking?
— A minute of conversation.
— Well, tell here.

Men try in any way to disrupt the shooting.

— Any thief will — I will, Ruslan Taganskaya, to explain! Yes, I'll take you down easy!

And it's not an empty threat: unknown have repeatedly attacked the truckers who are trying to defend their land rights.

"I had a visiting day on the Board. Normally take people. A man came inadequately configured, with dilated pupils. Grabbed me by the lapels and hit his head in the face. I lost consciousness. When I got up, everything was covered in blood", — says Sergey Shamanin.

The owners of four garden acres to build big houses can't — not allowed. But the new owners openly erected in SNT flats and even arrange them in the hotels in which migrants live.

— The police can not be afraid, right?
Well, somehow the host manages to negotiate.

— Open IE and everything works on the base.
— You are what you pay taxes? In SP what business was? Yip what can do?
Good — bye! Is it a lesson of some kind? Seminar, or what?

In Lyubertsy the administration know about the problem. Recently even went to the place to check.

"We have issued instructions and is now sent to the state authorities in order to assist us in bringing the properly of the land in accordance with the gardening," — said the Deputy head of the administration of the Lyubertsy municipal district Andrey Cheeses.

The penalty for misuse of the earth is measured in tens of thousands of rubles, but revenue from the illegal business, obviously, is immeasurably higher. For a month the same host at the hostel collects a about a million.

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