Scheme: the Ministry of defence revealed the plan of the Western coalition in Syria

SL, Понедельник 27 Август 2018 - 20:18:06

The Russian military is urging militants to refrain from provocations in the province of Idlib. This was stated by the head of the center for conciliation of the parties, the General-major Alexey Tsygankov. Previously, the defense Ministry reported that the militants do not only prepare the attack on Hama and Aleppo, but also planning the next staging himataki against the civilian population in Idlib province the militants, "Hayat Tahrir Al-sham" (banned in Russia) brought 8 containers of chlorine. The defense Ministry believe that the US can use another show as an excuse for a new attack on government and military targets in Syria, especially that the American destroyers are already in close proximity to the Arab Republic.

Provocation depending on the actual scenario: Syria preparing to stage the chemical attack. The story seems well-known — banned weapons against the civilian population. Nothing has happened yet, but the perpetrator is already known – of course, the troops of Bashar al-Assad.

There where should be a "representation" has arrived special group of trained fighters. Before they were trained to handle poisonous substances under the patronage of the British private military company "olive".

All acts of this play is spelled out in advance — fighters will simulate the rescue of victims of chemical weapons. Thought even costumes — of course, they will be in the garb of the infamous "White helmets". In parallel, already in the Persian Gulf arrived USS "the Sullivans". On Board — 56 cruise missiles. And at the airbase, "al-Udeid air base" in Qatar was deployed strategic bomber of the U.S. air force and is armed with more than 20 missiles "air – surface". In the Mediterranean sea is already another destroyer - "Ross" with "Tomahawk": the radius of the whole territory of Syria. All this against the background of the restoration of the peace process in the Arab country.

"The United States seeks world public condemnation of Bashar Assad and cover up the fact that they after this new provocation will strike their these cruise missiles on military and economic targets in Syria, Syria hinder the recovery of the economy — believes the military expert Viktor Litovkin. — To prevent the movement of the population in this country. Trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and the place to install his man."

Another important detail: the location was the province of Idlib. According to the Russian defense Ministry, 70 percent of the territory is under the control of terrorist groups. There accumulated several thousand fighters with heavy weapons and armored vehicles. They are preparing to attack on Hama and Aleppo. Turns out, it is planned not only military intervention, but also information. Some will attack, sitting on the armor, and while the policy will guide the Alliance led by the United States to bomb government facilities in the country.

"The last similar situation, when the West was inflicted missile strikes on the positions of Syrian troops, the militants used — recalls the Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov. — It was obvious that they were ready. And tried to turn the tide of the military campaign in their favor. But it's never possible."

Last time staged the same spring the chemical attack in Eastern ghouta. The events of this time must unfold a blueprint. Only there is one significant difference: this time the plans became public before the start of the performance. In fact, it is the interception of the initiative by the Ministry of defense of Russia, after all, if all goes according to script, production will be extremely unconvincing.

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