Known killers initially trained on targets in the computer

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August 27, the largest city in Florida, Jacksonville, was plunged into mourning. This night here during a tournament, cyber-sports, one of the participants opened fire on defeat. In the end, killed three, wounded dozens. In these moments, to a tragedy place bear flowers. Here gathered dozens of those who knew the victims. Such, however, happened more than once.

Jacksonville comes after the massacre at the cyber tournament. The answer to the question who was to blame — received. The answer to the question of what to do in the US, most likely again will not wait.

"Politicians, Wake up! People die, whom you must submit. Enough to sit and have receipts, do something. You chose not just," said Mike Williams, Sheriff of Jacksonville.

To ask opened fire on 24-year-old David Katz is useless. Killing two and injuring eleven people, he killed himself a semi-automatic pistol with a laser sight. Streaming video broadcast of the match on a virtual football wedged the sounds of the first shots.

The killer came to Jacksonville from Baltimore not just for fun. Professional gamer attracted a prize Fund of 125 thousand dollars. After losing two games in a row, Katz went off the rails.

Too much it put, breaking through the net of the eliminations. Sullen and dissatisfied remembered his correspondent who was interviewed on stage by former rivals.

"He was wearing sunglasses, he never talked. After we played and I won, I went to shake his hand and say "good game" and he just looked at me. He didn't answer".

But Katz is, of course, not the only one. Tournaments in e-sports attract a growing number of inappropriate characters.

"I sit and play in the tournament, and suddenly there is some random guy right in front of my face, right in the middle of my game it yells in my ear. I had to push him away and tell him — dude, get out of here now," said Derek Jones, an eyewitness.

But maybe that's not the competitive players or cyberbullied , and in the sport? Murderers such as Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris of Columbine and Adam Lanza — all played video games.

A murderer from Norway, Anders Breivik said he trained in them. He killed 69 people on the island in Norway, spending a year training in a video game, preparing for this crime.

Killer from Florida Nick Cruz 15 hours a day spent at violent video games. In this guy's life they occupied a most important place. Less than a year ago, the American psychological Association stated that there is a clear link between violent games and violence in real life.

Shooters fond of and nineteen-year-old Nicholas Cruz, who in February of this year in the same Florida lost students high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas, where he was expelled. Rifle AR 15 Cruz killed 17 and wounded 20 people.

The problem then drew the attention of the President of the United States Donald trump: "Look at the Internet there is a lot wrong with the minds of children. We need to do something with what they see. And video games — more and more people say that the level of violence in video games actually affects the thoughts of youth."


Shooting in the Parkland school massacre has become the new type. A potential victim of crews time to conduct an online broadcast of what is happening. The Pentagon and the Ministry of homeland security in response decided to fight fire with fire.

Shocking scenes in front of potential users expands the demo version of the shooting simulator at the American school.

"This simulator allows school teachers to explore possible options in an emergency. The forward simulator can be both adults and Teens. We have provided both scripts," — said the Manager of the developer company.

However the claims have got and this product. It is possible to play not only for the teacher or student, but for someone who is holding a gun, what the developers initially kept silent.

In the past year from firearms in America killed 15 459 people. To identify of their killers, those who were affected by computer games — the task is much more complex than the counted victims. But if virtual reality wasn't.



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