In Britain right: the status of "victim "Newbie" has deteriorated, Sergei Skripal probably dead

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At random, of course, the coincidence of the British Daily Mirror publishes sensational news: health Charlie Rowley, the mysterious poisoning which is already in the Amesbury London stubbornly and without evidence ascribes Russia deteriorated sharply. The "victim "Newbie" Charlie Rowley is unable to move because of ill health," reads the headline. Subject again at the hearing, the audience is worried and angry. However, something was missing Sergei Skripal, and his niece Victoria does not exclude that the former double agent is no longer alive.

The house where Charlie Rowley was taken to hospital, cordoned off by police. Police literally on every corner.

Do not answer the questions, the outsiders is not even close to let go. The TV groups channel "Russia" took the documents and meticulously figured out that the journalists here do. The quiet town of Amesbury again in the spotlight. Brother Charlie Rowley not long ago discharged from the hospital, after poisoning the proverbial "Rookie", said his cousin again. He was again hospitalized.

"It seems that Charlie's body is weakened as a Novice. It too have written sooner. Vision became better, but in the eyes of his doubles," suggested the brother of the victim.

Matthew feared that Charlie might die. After all, two months ago after the incident in the Park Salisbury, his friend died. Other relatives of the injured Sergei Skripal, who, along with her daughter in the spring was poisoned in the same Salisbury, too, suspect something was wrong.

"I want to believe the best, but we lean that he is no longer alive. Because July 24 was the last call from Julia. Clearly it was said that Sergei Lavrov, after three days he will call. It's been more than a month, no call. She could take a picture of the dad, send us a photo here, look, it's dad, here he is stoma. That is, she says, you will not hear him because he croaks, his voice changed, you will not hear his voice. Anyway, anyone when he's sick, he still says, "I'm sick". When he then begin to talk that talk you hear your own voice", — said aunt Julia Victoria Skripal.

Cafe "Zizi", where the day of the poisoning had lunch Creaked, six months behind a fence and guarded. If you look at the guide to Salisbury, then it says, "Zizi" is closed forever.

Many cafes, shops, stalls next door is also closed. Premises, or sold or leased. To the poisoning of Salisbury was famous all over the world Stonhenge. Thousands of tourists come here all year round, but this season — the worst in history. The decline in sales by 50-70 percent.

The city barely returns to normal. Only two days left in the open Park, where investigators worked.

"It's wonderful that the Park finally opened. Particularly welcome children and all who walk here dogs. A wonderful place, where the police, we have closed access. Of course, this affected city life, tourists not so much as before", — says the resident of Salisbury Brand Watched.

In support of local business due to incidents in Amesbury and Salisbury, the government has allocated £ 5 million. Even more, the government manages the police operation is about 7 million. This overtime pay to officers and purchase new vehicles. Old Park patrol cars, the local police destroyed, fearing that they are infected with "the Rookie".

But nor the millions of pounds spent, nor the months of the investigation, seem to have brought Britain to solving the strange cases.

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