The extreme right in Saxony mass protests against murder of German citizen

SL, Вторник 28 Август 2018 - 22:38:13

Mass protests in several cities of Germany. People are outraged by the murder in Berlin of a local resident, who died at the hands of migrants. Cut it from a dozen illegal immigrants arrested while only two. The slowness of the authorities are radicals — they are using social media to call for rallies. The demonstration degenerated into clashes. Injured more than 20, among them are Russian.

"Kill not only the terrorists but your endless tolerance." With this slogan today came to the square the residents of Dresden. The geography of protest in Germany is expanding.

Here the youth and the pensioners. All are equally tired of the overly hospitable policy of open borders.

"They come here and work, most of them do not work. They only receive money. Of course, if somewhere I will just give the money, I'll go there. Previously, we have not even heard that with knives attacked on the streets. Now it is happening every day, every day!", — outraged Nikos Chavales.

Police all around. Belated conclusions are made. In fact even before the onslaught of the crowd of thousands security forces not ready for such intensity, retreated. Representatives of the authorities themselves later admitted that he had acted badly.

But the streets, the radicals were preparing openly. Eloquent images with a call to attack migrants. Through the Internet collected like-minded people and the response is tremendous. Every post — thousands of reposts.

As a result, in Chemnitz brought together the extreme right of the different States of Germany — North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony, Thuringia, Brandenburg. Together they, as promised, made a real hunt for visitors.

Unrest erupted after the murder of a German in Chemnitz. 25 stab wounds. For allegedly stood up for the girl, which was harassing the migrants. Flowers, candles and portrait of Daniel Hellige where he was stabbed. 35-year-old German with Cuban roots, a photo with the flag of the island of freedom on his page in the social network. A family man — a wife, a child, worked as a carpenter. The alleged murderers were detained. Arrested two migrants, one from Syria and one from Iraq.

"They killed Germans — apparently out of boredom. In the West of Germany we are dealing with the same cases, and in Chemnitz is a serious crime was committed for the first time. People here, unlike the Western regions, facing the street. We are still not afraid to do that. We're not right-wing extremists. We are ordinary heads of our families, we — concerned citizens, we don't want an unlimited flow of Muslims in Germany," said a resident of Germany.

Among the injured in the clashes is a citizen of Russia. Our diplomats have already visited the hospital and his condition was not serious.

"They went to the festival city. On the way home met a colleague Jura, the dead Daniel. Went one. Asked for a card, held nose, everyone understood that he was a junkie. Daniel sent him in German, he punched him. Ran more 3-4. Yuri was hit on the head, and Dima in the back. In the back stabbed with a knife", — told the witnesses.

Only affected about ten people. Several were wounded tonight. Aggressive crowds walked the streets of Chemnitz. Molested not only to the outsiders. The radicals don't like what the local press says about the atrocities of the migrants.

Young people tried to live to enlighten the journalist. The live broadcast had to be interrupted, and reporters were forced to hide from bullies in the Church.

Surprised by the reaction of the authorities. The Minister of internal Affairs only on the third day commented on the events in Saxony. As Chancellor Angela Merkel that the duty expressed in the spirit of "all is well".

In city of Saxony tightened additional police forces. Officials do not rule out further disturbances, however, the radicals do not hide — they will protest until they are heard.

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