Nebesa: the Western countries in Syria are preparing a provocation using chemical weapons

SL, Среда 29 Август 2018 - 09:29:55

In Syria two trucks with poison gas arrived in the village of Sarakibe, it is the province of Idlib. As have informed in the Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring parties, information about the preparation of provocations received from several independent sources. According to the Center, cars were accompanied by the representatives of the "White helmets". Of the impending provocations and spoke at a meeting of the UN security Council.

At a meeting of the UN security Council, Russia has demonstrated that he knows all about large-scale provocations that are preparing the Western countries in Syria. As stated by our Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, 8 members of the organization "White helmets" in two trucks delivered in the province of Idlib toxic substances. Plastic barrels with no markings transferred to the field. They should have a re-enactment: if the chemical attack staged by Bashar al-Assad, and this will become the pretext for a new US air strike, great Britain and France on Syrian government forces.

"The group was training in dealing with toxic substances under the supervision of the British private military company "olive". At the same time on the Arab channels, the information appeared that the cases of abduction by terrorists from the villages of Idlib province. Perhaps these children will be used for new scenes directed by the white helmets with the money of Western sponsors," — said Nebenzia.

"I want to warn you that we absolutely understand your unscrupulous plans. Strongly advise to refrain from them. Their implementation will strike settlement in Syria, but the militants covered you will not help," — said Nebenzia.

Syrian troops pravitelstvennye just ready to eliminate the last major pockets of resistance fighters in Idlib, which is extremely annoying the US, UK and France. As noted by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the Russian side on this Council wanted, including "to see the eyes of the representatives of the Western Troika". But they all uneasy.

"These statements of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation is absurd and ridiculous. We are not preparing a chemical attack. We think it would be better if the Russian defense Ministry, the Russian government has used its influence to convince Assad not to use chemical weapons", — said the permanent representative of Britain.

In the same spirit, and he spoke at the state Department where I believe that the chemical attack is about to happen. "The United States administration and its partners will give a quick and appropriate response to any confirmed case of the use of chemical weapons in Idlib, or any of Eee in Syria," said Heather Nauert.

It is no coincidence, according to the Russian defense Ministry in the Mediterranean sea has arrived the USS "Ross" 28 armed with cruise missiles, in the Persian Gulf on duty the destroyer "the Sullivans" 56 Tomahawks. And the base in Qatar deployed strategic bomber B-1b carrying 24 missiles air-to-ground.

"Regarding chemical weapons, you have seen our administrative act about the use of this type of weapon. I assure You that the state Department is in touch with Russia on this issue, in order to include it in the list for liquidation. And I'll just leave it now," said the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis.

Thus, in this aspect of the Syrian authorities, who ascribe to them, there is no military or political logic. "You probably understand that it's just absurd to Syrian authorities after these repeated warnings, which threaten military strikes on Syria has used chemical weapons, which have already long gone, the last reserves of which they destroyed during the April illegal strikes on Syria," — said Nebenzia.

Diplomatic efforts are continuing. On the topic of the situation in Syria held consultations of permanent representatives, without the press. However, the fact that Russia, at an open meeting of the security Council said all details about the upcoming provocations in Syria, gives a chance that it will be able to disrupt.

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