Terror in the Donbass: the most resonant murder in the DNI and LC

SL, Пятница 31 Август 2018 - 22:53:05

In Donetsk the explosion in a cafe killed the head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko is not the only terrorist attack in DND and LNR. The most high-profile killings of the commanders of DNR and LNR.

To find, hunt down, kill or blow up. This methods is called differently than the terror, it is impossible.

16 Oct 2016. In Donetsk, killed the commander of the volunteer battalion "Sparta" Arseny Pavlov Colonel, better known by the call sign Motorola. In the Elevator of an apartment house has worked an improvised explosive device. And at this time all Ukrainian media danced on the bones, the wicked exulting, celebrating the death of a person. In the case of the murder of Motorola detained six people associated with the Ukrainian nationalist organizations.

"The SBU said: this, they say, not us. We didn't want to, but the whole propaganda machine can't stop. She was imprisoned to fight Russia, to fight with the republics of Donbass. And they can't help it, lose a human face. They are now happy and joking as they eliminated Zakharchenko. They don't talk about murder. They talk about the elimination. The same thing they said about Givi and Motorola. They give themselves animal joy," — said the expert of the Center Voyenno-political journalism Boris Rozhin.

Another terrorist attack, which is called the part of this chain. And another death. February 2017. Killed one of the most famous commanders of the militia – Mikhail Tolstykh with the Callsign Givi. According to his staff was fired from jet infantry flamethrower "bumblebee". Again accused Ukrainian subversive group.

The experts compare a few facts. Not only how Ukrainian propaganda is glad the terrorist attacks and the extent to which the official Kiev covers up these crimes, but what the methods used by the saboteurs.

"It was used, at least I know that they used chemical warfare agents to destroy DNR and LNR. So in this direction the Ukrainian intelligence applies very widely. What is happening in the Ukrainian blogosphere is the real horror, the real bottom. Is the decline of morals. Here we see the real tragedy as people turned into animals," — says journalist Alexander Medina.

A little back — may 2015. Alex Brain. The first attempt on the 7th near St. Michael's post. Then he was injured. Two weeks later, approximately in the same place next to the car worked a diversionary explosive device, and then the car fired machine guns and other automatic weapons. Responsible for killing Brain took over the Ukrainian partisan group "the Shadows."

"Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups often try to cross the front line, making the attacks that lead to civilian casualties. There was a case of death of employees of the OSCE in mine. Accordingly, it is not surprising that such a RAID happened. The strings, of course, linked to top political leadership in Kiev", — emphasizes Boris Rozhin.

But there were unsuccessful assassination attempts. They are more than enough. Just one example: the attempt on Igor Plotnitsky in 2016. Then he was head of the Luhansk national Republic. In the city center next to his SUV detonated explosive safety explosive device. It is secured on the pole. And this is not the full list of all high-profile crimes.

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