Biography of Alexander Zakharchenko: tough but ready to compromise

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The head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko was elected in November 2014. In the elections voted for by the majority of voters. Other facts from the biography Zakharchenko told the correspondent of "Russia 24".

Tough but ready to compromise, if it is in favor of the Republic. Despite the title, Alexander Zakharchenko rarely seen in a suit and tie, and indeed in the offices. He didn't like the press conference, many simply did not come. But the front hardly moved.

"It was the Manager who just took the machine in hand and when there is an operation, for example, the liberation of Debaltsevo, not sitting somewhere in the headquarters, or in the office, or in the administration. He's as ordinary soldiers were going to storm," — says the war correspondent Semyon Pegov.

Zakharchenko was born in Donetsk in 1976. Ibid graduated from high school and College with a degree "mining engineer". He worked in the mine, in parallel studied at the law faculty of the Institute of the Ministry of interior. Then went into business in 2010, he creates a Donetsk branch of Kharkiv organization "Oplot", which, in particular, struggles with the followers of UPA (banned in Russia). When the power take on the Maidan nationalists, Alexander goes to the militia.

"To be honest, I was not interested in simply or not simply it all started. I at that moment was protecting his family, his homeland, the memory of their ancestors, their past, their Orthodox faith. And so I believed that as a normal man must participate in this process on the side of the government, which at the time was lawful," — said Alexander Zakharchenko.

16 APR 2014 Zakharchenko with six soldiers is the building of the Donetsk city administration. After the referendum he was appointed military commandant of the city, then Deputy Minister of internal Affairs. In August Zakharchenko replaced Alexander Borodai as the head of government of the Republic, in November, gaining 76% of votes and becomes the head of the DNI.

"Zakharchenko gave the impression of remarkable. Its simplicity, accessibility and openness. He immediately bribed. For four years these feelings have not faded. He remained a simple person in dialogue, despite the fact that fate brought him high enough according to the Republican standards," says journalist Andrei Babitsky.

The first time Zakharchenko seriously wounded in may 2014 in the battle for the Donetsk airport. Another one he gets a few months in the South of the DNI. The third, after which a long walk on crutches and with a cane in February 2015 on the front line near Debaltseve. By the way, only in the Debaltsevo operation, he receives an extraordinary rank of Colonel.

"It is very warmly met in the army. And its role in the Debaltsevo operation can not be overestimated," — says the war correspondent Kirill Romanovsky.

"Nobody, even his most his sworn enemies could not accuse of cowardice, unwillingness, inability to take responsibility in the crucial, fateful moments," said the war correspondent Semyon Pegov.

How many survived assassination attempts, the head of the Donetsk Republic, not sure. May 8 this year on the path of the motorcade Zakharchenko exploded bomb. Another attempt prevented 28 APR small in the center of Donetsk. 22 August 2016 and the bomb was defused near his apartment. In January 2015 under Uglegorsky Zakharchenko was shot by a sniper. And on August 30, 2014, the saboteurs fired at the car of the head DND.

"Zakharchenko is not particularly cherished, like all the dead. Died as a soldier. Honestly in battle were unable to kill — kill cowardly, you might say, in the back," — said the war correspondent Dmitry Steshin.

After the liberation of Debaltsevo Alexander Zakharchenko received the highest award DNR — Hero of the Republic. He is survived by his wife and four sons.

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