Black realtors were chasing Muscovite even at the hospital

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The investigative Committee of Russia started checking after terrible story with a patient of the Moscow hospice. The elderly woman tried to steal from the hospital people who called themselves whether relatives or Trustees. However, there is a suspicion that a lone pensioner chasing black realtors. And interested in their two bedroom apartment.

This visit was more like a planned action. Three people led this woman, who introduced Narine Danielyan, literally demanded to write pensioner Irina Serdobol. On the request to show documents, and synchronously turned on the video camera. The address of the doctors have received threats.

"You do not treat a man! You extorted money from her! — Extorted no! — You are silent!"

The attack managed to be beaten off only with the help of the police. Pensioner hid from the unknown in another medical facility. But, less than a week, as the trio showed up there. Then everything on the script.

"Hands off me! Get your hands off me!"

This time Danielian managed to break into the room. And she literally grabbed the pensioner Serdobol.

"She was holding her hand, not letting go. Later stood here".

That of her family, no, Serdobol'skaya Irina said. And asked not to let her Narine Danielyan. It was found that before admission to the hospital, where the pensioner was taken with fractures of the arm and shoulder, she Danielyan lived in the same apartment.

"These people appeared in her life, not yesterday or the day before. As I understand it they lived on her retirement, they did not pay the rent. I say a house you were when you walked? She says — no, not walked, but I sometimes exported. Where were taken? Well, for business. Associated with the apartment? Yes," says Nute Federmesser, Director of the center paliativos assistance of the Department of health of Moscow.

In this house on Kashira highway , but rather a three-room apartment of the pensioner Serdobol Danielyan according to neighbors appeared a few years ago.

"At one point there was a citizen Danielyan with some man and began to live there. We thought at first that they would like her to make repairs. But six months passed and they all lived there. And at one point there just infused her entire family. There are man 6-8. And they began to make out her stuff in the trash. Books, old aquarium," says Albina akhmadieva, a neighbor.

Pensioner Serdobol since the entrance is not seen. Once the neighbors finally decided to call the apartment.

"Just crossed the threshold of the apartment like the back I got hit on the head. Wrung his hands," — shares memories Igor Dyomin, a neighbor.

"The whole family participated. She Danielyan, her mother, her sister, who, by the way, as far as we know, in 2012-13, was on the Federal wanted list," adds the story along.

Surname Danielyan has repeatedly appeared in the crime reports. In 2010, Saint-Petersburg family gang, even condemned for fraud with apartments. However, time was suspended.

"Investigated the criminal case against Arthur Danielyan, as well as Narine Danielyan," — said Sergey Kapitonov, the senior assistant administrator of GSU of Investigatory Committee of Russia across St.-Petersburg.

Narine Danielyan says that has nothing to Danielynn, heritage in St. Petersburg. But to clearly explain what it does in the Moscow apartment of the pensioner, too, can not.

"Narine Is Melikovna? — Yes, go ahead. — You came to the hospital to Irina Alexandrovna Serdobol. You a relative? What is your relationship to her? — Look! Is your phone number, dear Dennis? Yes. — You know, I'll call you then".

The police, despite numerous requests, the situation is not yet intervene. But neighbours of the pensioner have already made conclusions.

"It all boils down to one. Trying to wring out the apartment and sell it under the hammer", — says Yuri Asanov.

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