Perturbed migrants Germans teach tolerance through music

SL, Вторник 04 Сентябрь 2018 - 10:01:40

More than 50 thousand people gathered yesterday at the concert of the popular artists in the German Chemnitz. It all began with a minute of silence in memory of local resident, which in late August was killed in a fight with two workers. Since then, Chemnitz became a center of mass demonstrations and rallies. Mostly the streets were those who favor stricter immigration policy. But yesterday evening, local authorities dedicated to the fight against xenophobia.

This is another of Chemnitz. For migrants, now it's the safest place in all of Germany. Over 65 thousand people, the smell of soft drugs, the self-made banners, flags of all colors. As the poster placed on the monument to Karl Marx, everyone is welcome here who do not "gray" and "brown" that is not what rallied here last week. These zero tolerance.

"I'm for that signal. I'm all for solidarity against the Nazis," says Ralph.

"The reaction of citizens who hold moderate views, was clearly insufficient. We thought that it should not be. We said, ' all take to the streets against right-wing rabble," explains Sebastian.

The majority should be heard — so the President Steinmeier and Minister of foreign Affairs convened the Meuse the Germans on the politically correct concert. German youth and by itself left, and here the best groups in the country — and Kraftklub Die Toten Hosen — tickets no need to pay. Taking into account the live broadcast on the channel 3Sat event happened at the Federal level.

"It is important to understand that this is not a fight of left against right. Every decent person, regardless of their political beliefs, will resist the crowd of right-wing extremists attacking people," says Campino, German rock musician, lead singer of Die Toten Hosen.

According to the police, as a result of hunting for migrants from Nazi-fan groups injured three people. People doing this is unknown, but blame the party "Alternative for Germany". "Alternative" bounces.

"Mrs Merkel has acted with sharp condemnation of the persecution of migrants on the streets of Chemnitz. The chief Prosecutor of Saxony, later stated that this did not happen. This suggests that MS Merkel is deliberately spreading false information," — says Joerg Mutter, co-Chairman of the party "Alternative for Germany".

The right wing saying that the government is not trying to understand and grasp, and are on the path of direct repression against the political force that represents a threat to them. Appeals to do something that will lead to a ban "Alternatives", really is sound.

"Alternative for Germany", the national Democrats, the hooligans hand in hand — if the citizens of Germany will continue to play in the same key, this will create a negative portrait of our country abroad", — says Marcus Seder, Prime Minister of Bavaria.

"Alternative for Germany" has finally dropped the mask. All this was seen in Chemnitz. The legality of the activities of this party should check the special services," — says Andrea Nales, member of the German Bundestag, the head of the faction of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) in the Bundestag.

Well, Chemnitz will be preparing for a new concert: yesterday was rock and hip-hop, September 7 on the right will hit a classic. A little over a week ago it was hard to imagine that the humble little town would be so treated kindly by attention of leading politicians and creative teams.

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