An accident or a massacre: what happened to the model on the yacht of a billionaire

SL, Вторник 04 Сентябрь 2018 - 13:17:03

In Greece, investigating the mysterious death of an Australian model. The body of 20-year-old rising star of social networks Sinead McNamara has been found on the yacht of a billionaire.

An accident in Paradise or the massacre? The death of centerfolds Sinead McNamara on Board influential billionaire even sounds like the plot of a tabloid detective. Four months is about the life of a rising star of social networks were known only by the vivid images on her page. Tens of thousands of gentlemen clutching smartphones and showered his beloved huskies. In a world where children dream of becoming a videoblogger, the life of a young lady seemed to be the standard: the endless journey through the best resorts in the world, and constant entertainment at private beaches.

On meeting with McNamara admirers could only dream of. Like tower Goldilocks her safely hidden away from the fans holds the "Queen Maya IV" is the proud name of boat price of $ 140 million. Exactly how naughty were aboard it, history is silent. In General, almost a Cinderella story, except that the owner of the yacht for a Prince charming much too respectable age. This is one of the richest people of Mexican billionaire Alberto Bailleres. Aztec owns almost all the major stadiums for bullfighting. How the Emperor matadors found the society of Australian student — a mystery. But none of them shared the picture did not appear.

Swimming with foal, dolphins, sharks, sun-kissed beaches: that's what Sinead did on the boat, we can only guess. It is known that she went on a journey to earn money, but no more details. Until the last day she seemed happy. And yet it was out of the loop right there, on a luxury yacht. Sinead was still alive, but died on the way to the hospital. Now Greek police find out who threw the neck of the girl the rope, and if no one, then what was it and pushed it to the bottom of the madness.

The pursuit of easy and beautiful life often becomes a sentence for women guilty only in the fact that too beautiful. In 2016, the Ukrainian model Yana Kasyan died after several days of terrible torture in the house of a Hollywood writer's black Label. The author of the comic horror settled the girl at his mansion in Beverly hills, and when she bore him a child, dealt with it in exactly the scenario his mad book, which he considered his dark masterpiece.

Covered with darkness and mystery of the death of Estonian model Regina Soosalu. According to the paparazzi, she was the mistress of the Prince from the Royal family of the Malaysian state of Johor. The girl's body found on the beach, soon already detained six suspects in the murder. But what was the motive for the killings still a mystery. As well as the details of the death of Danish journalist Kim Vallee. For the interview, she went down into the hold of a submarine of a millionaire and inventor Peter Madson. The mutilated body of the girl found a few days later, the experts found that some of the injuries she received while still alive.

"The court found that Peter Madson carefully prepared for the crime. He brought on Board the submarine various items to bind and torment her and abuse her" — said Jakob Buch-Jepsen, the Prosecutor of Copenhagen.

Did Sinead McNamara a victim of someone who is confident in their impunity, now find out the Greek police. "Mayan Queen IV" is at anchor, the yacht and her team is not allowed to leave the port. But the Emperor matadors prohibition does not apply. Tycoon allegedly went ashore two days before the incident. Like it or not, now also check the law enforcement.

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