Under a hail of criticism may looking for the most mild option Brexit

SL, Вторник 04 Сентябрь 2018 - 21:41:04

Leave to remain: the majority of Britons believe that the process of withdrawal from the EU is chaotic, and the plan Theresa may is doomed to failure. The Prime Minister is criticized in Parliament and in the government and in business circles. The Union of financiers and businessmen has warned that the divorce from Europe without a settlement over the collapse of the British economy. According to Bloomberg, has not yet held Brexit has already cost the UK about 2% of GDP.

Activists of the public organization "Best for Britain", analyzed the results of recent polls and concluded that the majority of Britons now oppose a Brexit. They claim that over 2 ½ million people voted for secession from the EU, changed their minds and want to stay in the EU.

It is estimated that the number of those who are still in favour of Brexit, reduced by an average of 1,000 people a day. Supporters of a United Europe had the idea of a second referendum. But the Prime Minister, Theresa may, argues that there is no turning back.

"To ask about this again and again will be a great betrayal of our democracy and a betrayal of the trust placed in us", she said.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister attacked politicians bet on Brexit. They argue that the government is torpedoing the negotiations on withdrawal from the European Union. In the center of the scandal, a government plan for "the Chequers". The name is borrowed from the country residence of the Prime Minister, where is Theresa may in July announced his vision of the future agreement with the EU. Against this approach the first openly and retired respondents Brexit Minister David Davis.

"The current plan Theresa may on Brexit even worse than staying in the European Union", — he said.

Teresa may criticised for trying to leave, to remain, retaining the common rules in trade, actually adjusting the UK under the conditions put forward by Brussels. It's like that to negotiate under the white flag surrenders, claims left the government, Boris Johnson, former Minister of foreign Affairs.

"If we act according to the "plan Checkers", we will renounce the project of Global British reject the idea of the UK as the proud, independent economic player. We will stay in the taxi Union, but this time we will be glued to the seat, no idea about the destination. We will regain the control we will lose it," he said.

If we fail to reach a compromise with Brussels, the UK risks to leave EU without any agreement. About the consequences of the so-called Brexit hard Theresa may prefer not to talk.

"You admit it or not, the fact that if we leave the EU without a deal — economically the British would be a dead end? — The government is doing everything possible to ensure the success of any scenario out of the European Union," said may to a journalist's question.

To avoid complete failure, the government Theresa may is trying to find a very soft option, Brexit, but the veterans of British politics have warned that this way will lead her to a standstill.

"The trouble is that she [Theresa may] is not acceptable to both sides. But really, this decision is the worst of two evils. And it doesn't satisfy", — said Tony Blair, 1997-2007 former Prime Minister of great Britain.

In addition, it appears that proposed by Theresa may, the plan is not satisfied and the chief negotiator with Brussels — Michel Barnier.

He said this on 3 September during a meeting with deputies of the British Parliament. Full transcripts of this conversation are still there, but sometimes there's that tone. Brussels is not just understand, but are trying to emphasize the vulnerability of the position of Theresa may.

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