A successful businessman is suspected of a sophisticated child abuse

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Businessman in the morning, in the evening — the teacher-the sadist. "Double life" one of the greatest Industrialists of the Urals was the cause of the trial. In Nizhny Tagil from consider 4 cases of the abuse of children. Footage of the sect leader "convinced" the boy to beat his current shocked the social network. While the accused does not admit his guilt.

"You accept the charges?"

Along the corridor of the court Yury Yudin goes, without saying a word. Although in this video, which was the reason for the trial, Yuri Yudin with five children is much bolder, in that moment, when the boy is wearing a collar.}

Presses the button, the boy pulls the current: "to Accelerate you?"

But that's not all. Yuri Yudin gave the boy up the remote that he punished himself for losing a sporting event.

"You punished himself, remained weak and did not achieve anything in Aikido. You're only making it worse, worse, worse and worse."

Torture, under the guise of education occurred in a private house collective garden. The exact address is hidden, but the investigators believe that Yuri Yudin committed at least four episodes related to violence against children.

All of these incidents allegedly occurred from 2014 to 2016 in Nizhny Tagil. Yudin says, so he raised, however, other people's children.

"As claimed by the accused during the preliminary investigation into the interrogations — he did this at the request of the boy's mother, to his upbringing. The boy because of the age took it as normal behavior," said Marina Ivanova, assistant to the Prosecutor of the suburban district of Nizhny Tagil.

But former colleagues of the defendant claim, as he raised and their employees. Yuri Yudin is the founder of a large holding of digital TV operator and Internet service provider have created a community called "blood".

About as adherents worshiped their leader, which, to tell the victims, all kept in tight rein.

"Crush as a person, I have at the end of his desires was not. Enjoy life simply no. For one of the offenses, I was forced to saw his bike. I was forced by threats: if you don't cut, we sawed it yourself, and you will take out into the woods at one end," — says the experienced Ivan Torlopov, a former employee of the company.

Threats, beatings, flogging and electric shock — Ivan Torlopov saw it with my own eyes. According to former colleagues, this training was more like a cult.

"The thirst for leadership, and his unrealized insatiable ambition, and the desire to be a prophet, and the wish that you took in a similar role, be a leader. Here then are the most brutal versions of the sects, which attract the people, where violence occurs, where possible, can be committed killings, where women are abused, where bullying of children," — says Lev Perezhogin, psychotherapist, senior researcher at the national medical center of psychiatry and addiction psychiatry named after VP Serbian.

What can cause such abuse, you know.

Here is footage of the alleged miraculous healing in Bashkiria. Here flourished a religious sect "the Horde "— such healers people put non-existent diagnoses, and then treated with whips, herbs and prayers of his own composition.

Pleasure was not cheap, and of course the departure from the sect could result in poor health – until his death from an accident — so said the leaders of the "Horde". The suggestion brought one of the patients to psychiatric hospitals.

Yuri Yudin from Ekaterinburg creation of sects is not yet charged with — now he is accused only of cruel treatment of the child and to it threatens from three till seven years of imprisonment. But it is possible that this case will be reclassified.

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