Poisoning Skrypali: London promises to disperse the fog in the "case" in the UN security Council

SL, Четверг 06 Сентябрь 2018 - 10:14:24

Britain has already promised the evening of 6 September to present some evidence, which allegedly proved the involvement of Russia to the poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skrobala. This time the venue for the next charges will be the UN Security Council.

Having new faces in the case of poisoning in Salisbury, the British press relishes the details shared by the police. In the Newspapers reinstate the route of the alleged attackers.

If you believe presents Scotland Yard the history, March 4, they in broad daylight sprayed with poison input the handle of the door of the house where lived the former Colonel. The suspects, whom London calls the agents of Russian military intelligence, apparently, the particular conspiracy is not fond of. Twice he went by train to Salisbury.

They even remembered the local stationmaster, while recognizing that nothing suspicious in their behavior, then he did not see.

"I really don't know. They didn't give me any problems. Anxious to be so close to them. But I'm all right," assured the guard at the railway station Salisbury Walter Tanner.

There were pictures of a London hotel, where, according to the police, stayed two Russians. Modest and cheap by London standards the rooms. In one of them, Scotland Yard 4 may supposedly found traces of the notorious "Freshman." But in small concentrations. So stated that the hotel there was no danger.

"We have published photos of two suspects, both Russian citizens at the age of about 40 years. We are now looking for witnesses. The suspects visited London in the period between 2 and 4 March. We assure everyone that the people who were nearby, who were traveling in one train and stood next to suspects at the station are in no danger. The people of London safe!" – says the police Commissioner Cressida dick of London.

Interestingly, Scotland Yard's still looking for witnesses who lived in this hotel in early March, although they were required to leave at check contact information. Likewise, if the suspects really were Russians, then the British visas they had to submit fingerprints.

But in addition to these names, and estimated age of these people reported only that their passports differ by only a few digits at the end. Although the British foreign Ministry has summoned the Russian chargé d'affaires Ivan Volodin, no further information he was not there.

"The British side chose to throw the names and photos of "suspects" in the public space, but still not gave us any official requests for assistance or additional information (passport numbers, details of visa applications, etc.). As before, we do not have access to any of the materials of the investigation," — said the Russian diplomat.

The bottom line is just the latest accusations against Moscow. Calling to punish the guilty from his hospital bed asked the drug addict Charlie Rowley, the friend who don Sturges died in July, allegedly poisoned by the same substance that Skrypali. A bottle of perfume, which was the poison, this pair picked up in the basket of a charitable organization. How it got there and whether it was the same spray, which was used by the alleged attackers, the British police can't explain.

So fog around this scandal is still missing. And while it is unable to dispel the planted press sensation with the names of the suspects and a warrant for their arrest.

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