Case Butinai: she has left behind bars, and her lawyer said not to talk

SL, Вторник 11 Сентябрь 2018 - 11:10:19

The Russian Embassy in the United States will continue to seek the release of Mary Butinai. Diplomats said that now the U.S. Supreme court actually sided with the prosecution and ignores the arguments of the defense. Butino left the detention before the trial, and her lawyer forbidden to disclose any details about the case.

The lawyer's Butinai brought her to a meeting of the black bag with a change of clothes. Was hoping the Russian will be released from custody and put under house arrest. Maria at this time was in orange and dark green uniform of the jail of the city of Alexandria, where she suddenly moved from Washington three weeks ago. In the courtroom Butino introduced without handcuffs. The girl was wearing glasses that after his arrest, returned to her, red hair in a braid. Haggard, she dispassionately looked at the judge when she made the decision to keep Mary in prison.

The judge stressed that the decision to leave Mary Butina behind bars is not based on accusations but on the fact that she is a foreign citizen and has the potential to abscond. According to presiding at the trial judge, it is likely that "Betinu immediately put in a car with diplomatic plates, and then on the plane to Russia" with which the US has no extradition Treaty.

The scenario of spy movies. However, one storyline has already disappeared. The prosecution acknowledged that Maria Butina did not offer sexual services in exchange for receiving access to certain political circles. The error is explained by the fact that investigators allegedly misinterpreted SMS messages Butinai. Although, according to the judge, it was enough 5 minutes to understand that SMS-correspondence 3-year-old on which it is founded is "a vulgar accusation," nothing more than a joke. But until everything was sorted out, excited American journalists have already present Butina as the wily temptress, ready to do anything to get the job done from Moscow. Refute this, however, gives not so readily.

- What can you say about the process?

- Without comments.

- Now, you can't talk about the case until the end of the process?

- No.

- How do you assess the conditions of detention of Mary?

- Without comments.

Lawyer butinai the judge was forbidden to communicate with journalists. Amazed at the unfolding campaign against his client Robert Driscoll often spoke emotionally to the media with counter-arguments. The judge stated that the lawyer crossed the line by criticising in the media the evidence presented by the FBI. Supposedly, Washington is a small town with the narrow circle of the jury, and this may influence their decision. Prohibition on disclosure of the details of the case applies to the prosecution.

Despite the misfire, the prosecution continues to insist that the student of American University in Washington, D.C. Maria Butina was an agent of influence of the Russian government, joined in this conspiracy and did not register at the Ministry of justice of the United States. It got to the point that as an additional argument in favor of their version of the public prosecutors cited the following statistics: Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov twice said about the case Butinai with Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, but in prison her 6 visits to the consular officers of Russia in the United States.

"Maria is not the only citizen of Russia, whom we visited in prison. Understand that such visits cause irritation as they allow us to learn about things happening in U.S. prisons violations of basic human rights — the rights of our citizens — from the horse's mouth. We will visit Mary Butina in prison this week. We will continue to defend its legitimate rights and demand from the American authorities for her release," — said at the Russian Embassy in Facebook.

The defense contends that Mary was in University I studied international relations and interested in politics, has never hidden his Pro-Russian views. And activist of the Republican party Paul Erickson she had on the calculation, it was true love.

Here's a video of the pair singing the famous song from the cartoon "beauty and the beast". The recording was made in studios in Moscow 3 years ago — it was a gift for Mary's birthday Sex. Now he visits her in jail.

Despite the fact that the case is already in court, the prosecution had new evidence. As it turned out, in the hands of the FBI last week was a new hard drive. On processing the information he had requested additional time. The next hearing in the case of Maria Butunoi will be held on November 13.

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