In Volgograd have found the boy, kidnapped by a Gypsy woman 11 years ago

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At fifteen he can neither write nor read, but speak Russian with difficulty. The history of Volgograd, where police found the teenager, Mowgli. Name Is Kostya. He lives on the outskirts of the city in a Roma community. And, what is most interesting, not on their own. It is already known that the child was abducted, and for a very long time — 11 years ago. All this time he remembered his native Omsk, and his own mother. However, to recall the past in a Gypsy family was not accepted, although the child was not hurt and seems to be in its care.

On the other hand this drama is a mother who lost a son in 2007. A four year old boy went missing during a move. And the woman knew who took the child, just do not know where.

Gypsy that stole the child, was detained in the Volgograd police. In the near future will be defined by its degree of fault. In search of birth mother, now a teenager need a day. Here only there are doubts that this story will have a happy ending.

"This guy's got the Gypsy blood so I have a full right!" one of the reasons why mom Natasha carried the child from the mother's mother. "Kostya, do not mind, do not mind. They're my children, and about her we all forgot that she is in the world", — says Natalia Oglu.

Gypsy "Santa Barbara" started in Omsk. Being married and with two children, Natalia's husband has a mistress. She became pregnant, was born on the coast. Apparently, so happy that all began to live together. The happiness lasted not for long: in 2007, the multinational father of the family died. For some time his wife together with his mistress and children continued to live under the same roof. Then Marina is the name of the biological mother of the boy was given an apartment. But here the son, according to Natalia, she left.

"She knew we moved to another apartment, she called me, but always tipsy. I said: "Kostya, talk to mom." And he didn't want to talk to her. She knew where we live, but never arrived," — emphasizes Natalia.

In 2010, Tabor goes to Volgograd. Along with the Bones. The biological mother had not said a word.

Here is the room the Bones in a Gypsy family. Like, nothing remarkable, except for one thing: any school supplies. The teenager in General, there is no evidence that it exists. "There are no documents he is not available, a school he does not attend and is not on the account in medical institutions", — said a senior inspector on Affairs of minors of Department of police №1 Julia Bouskova.

In his 15 years he did not really know how to read or write. Gypsy family set priorities: at school the coast is not taken, but given in a circle playing the guitar. After all, completely hide from the outside world did not happen. In music school he made a friend – her son Chaychenko. She sounded the alarm and called the police. "He approached the mother to Natasha and asked why he did not go to school. She said that they move frequently, documents are lost, and to restore them, we need money. That's why he does not go to school," says Inna.

Inna, Kostya asked for help. According to her, he didn't know where his birth mom. To begin the search for himself could not, as no phone, no Internet access.

It online Inna found the announcement that the coast in Omsk looking for birth mother. Dated 2007. This message on the Internet searches is limited. She still lives in Omsk. "A woman explained that in 2007, the boy was gone. She was absent from the house, and when they returned, the child she was found. Her friends convinced that the police need to search you should not results it will not, because maybe the relatives of her husband took the child abroad," — said Alena Ukrainian, the employee a press-services UMVD of Russia across the Omsk region. Sam Costa is also registered in Omsk, in the same house.

- Would like to hear from you, how is it that you son stole it?

- This is my problem. No comment.

Contact with journalists is not only dealing with the police. In Omsk mother argues that the coast still stolen. Gypsy's mother Natasha said that the boy's mother refused, and she saved him. In General, a real detective. Who is right now understand the guardianship and investigators. But while the coast is located in Volgograd under the supervision of doctors.

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