For the most prominent scientist of Russia, China and Mongolia was observed by representatives of 59 countries

SL, Thursday 13 September 2018 - 20:46:27

To defend the sovereignty and national interests, and if necessary — to support the allies. These are, according to Vladimir Putin, the main tasks of the Russian armed forces. In Transbaikalia the President personally watched the main stage of the exercises "Vostok-2018". Maneuvers were the most ambitious in the modern history of Russia. 300 thousand troops, more than 35 thousand units of armored vehicles, 80 ships and 1000 aircraft. Also involved army of China and Mongolia.

Russia, China, Mongolia — reflect the attack of the enemy. A flight of helicopters Mi-24 deals fire attack — cover the landing of troops from the air. Several groups vanguard landed in assault on a front line, seize the beachhead.

And now the Chinese tank — destroy advanced enemy units.

Helicopter Sergei Shoigu shows the Supreme commander of the dislocation of military units on the range Tsugol. And then Vladimir Putin is watching the maneuvers from a Central command post. Next the chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov and defense Minister of China Wei Fanha.

Units of the 90th Panzer division making a rapid RAID by 30 military vehicles, destroy enemy targets. And it's on the right flank, boost water obstacles, tanks and mechanized infantry brigade of the people's liberation army of China. The attack of the enemy repulsed. After that, connect the artillery. Operational-tactical missile complexes "Iskander-M", the installation of reactive systems of volley fire "Tornado", "Hurricane", "Grad", self-propelled artillery.

Summing up, Vladimir Putin put the emphasis on the fact that the strengthening of military cooperation of Russia, China and Mongolia, we are engaged in exclusively peaceful purposes.

"Russia is a peaceful country and we do not, and cannot be aggressive plans. Our foreign policy is aimed at constructive cooperation with all countries that are interested in it. That is why these maneuvers, these exercises present 87 observers from 59 countries. I welcome you all. Our debt to Russia, referring to the Russian soldiers, our duty to our country and Homeland to be ready to defend the sovereignty, security and national interests of our country. And if need be, and to support allies. Therefore, we will continue to strengthen our Armed Forces, equip them with weapons and equipment of last generation, to develop international military cooperation", — said the President of the Russian Federation.

Immediately after completion of the exercise here at the site Tsugol, held a joint parade of military equipment. China sent on the teachings of a whole army group: 3,500 troops and 600 armored vehicles and 30 aircraft.

But on the tarmac are already Russian tanks T-72B3, infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2 armored cars "Tiger" and "Typhoon", self-propelled artillery, tactical missile complexes "Iskander". In the sky again all of army aviation.

"During the maneuvers of Chinese and Russian soldiers shoulder to shoulder along the General field practiced military actions," said Shaw Yuanming, Deputy chief of the joint staff of the Central military Commission of the PRC.

The Russian President thanked all those who took part in today's manoeuvres.

"I want to Express special appreciation to the servicemen of the people's Republic of China and Mongolia. Our combat brotherhood's long-standing and strong traditions. We in Russia will always honour the courage of the heroes of Khalkhin-Gol remembered that during the Second world war, our countries were allies, standing together against the aggressor", — said Putin.

Exercises "Vostok-2018" has generated huge interest — the event covers around 300 journalists from across the planet.

"It's impressive maneuvers. I see that Chinese style and Mongolian troops. Neighboring regions are merged to exercise — it's natural. We regularly conduct such exercises in the West. And I don't see this as a problem," says Pierre-Marie Lien, military attaché of France in Russia.

"I am very grateful that you invited us and that you have the opportunity to see the final phase of such large-scale exercises," said Budimir Gajić, military attaché of Serbia in Russia.

Exercises "Vostok-2018" are carried out routinely, and the Ministry of defence began to prepare for him a few months ago. In the maneuvers involved about 300 thousand soldiers, thousands of airplanes and helicopters, 36 thousand units of armored vehicles. Maneuvers in the exercises "Vostok-2018" will continue until September 17.

"Teaching continues to go at the moment 18 landfills, of which three aircraft, three marine, in the waters of the sea of Okhotsk the Pacific ocean, troops of the district the mission of the Supreme commander-in-chief", — reported Colonel-General Aleksandr Zhuravlev the commander of the Eastern military district.

Entire compound was transferred to the new polygons and locations. Deployed more than 80 warehouses with fuel and ammunition, as well as 100 food items. And on the range Tsugol — a true bread-baking plant.

The President got acquainted with his products — a fairly wide range. On the range Tsugol the President welcomed yunarmeytsev — they were invited to the exercises as guests, and for excellence in service President awards soldiers of all three armies: the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian.

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