The Ukrainian Minister is not going to resign because of charges of illicit enrichment

SL, Пятница 14 Сентябрь 2018 - 09:22:49

The Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine will not resign after charges of illicit enrichment. At least, sure of himself Vladimir Omelian. According to investigators, the income of officials in the civil service over the last 18 years did not meet the expenses. And in the Declaration false information on real estate and cars.

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine and Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office will ask for the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan measure in the form of pledge in 5 million. He is charged with illicit enrichment. The case of Omelyan for the fact that the costs of the Minister do not coincide with the officially confirmed income.

Several brand-new SUVs, a couple of country houses – all this formally at the Minister there, according to the Declaration of income Omelyana. He attracted the attention of NABOO, in may launched an investigation.

"In 2015, the value of the undeclared Minister of assets that are in his ownership and use, as well as expenses amounted to at least UAH 3 million, and in 2016 — more than 8 million ($285 thousand.). According to the investigation, the official is not specifically made in the Declaration for 2015 information on SUV BMW X5, that he owns. Did not declare the use of another country house. Also, the Minister submitted false data to a Volvo, which he bought in 2016," — said the press-Secretary of NABOO Svetlana Olifera.

The Minister denies all charges. "I categorically deny all the findings and observations. I will defend my name, honor and dignity in a lawful manner. And I will demand the accountability of the NAB investigators. I want to say that I was under pressure from the head of NABOO. I know about the facts of political cooperation and leadership of NABOO with Ukrainian politicians," said Omeljan.

He drew attention to it in August. It Omeljan announced the cancellation of railway communication between Kyiv and Moscow, while his wife is the designer to sell their dresses in Russia. Scandal. Because the direction of Kiev-Moscow — popular for Ukrainians and Russians. However, the initiative Omelyana not find many supporters among the deputies of Kyiv.

"The unanimous support of the government on this question. We proceed from the position that such communication should be stopped. Even on the basis of the position that there is a war. Morally, ethically ride in the country-the aggressor — to put it mildly, not good," claimed Omeljan.

Then Ukrainian authorities said, Omelyan assumes too much for the Minister of infrastructure. Political analysts believe that Kiev politicians clearly offended by Omeljan tried to go beyond its powers, and this could be cause for criminal prosecution.

"Just to make it clear that you need to know their place. This is not the Ministerial level and not the status to make such statements and to engage in political PR, but you will see that there Groisman, and Lutsenko – they are already tuned to the highest political career highs. Either during the second Convention of the President, or even some other, and then someone begins to apply and makes himself a great politician," said political analyst Vadim Karasev.

MP Oleg Lyashko, in his words, ready to take Omelyana on bail and do not agree with the position of the Kiev authorities. "It's abuse and PR before the election, the deception of Ukrainians, and not the real fight against corruption! And this circus we still have to pay them space pay?", — said Lyashko.

Omeljan guilty or not will be decided in court. The hearing is scheduled for September 14.

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