Death lab near Tbilisi: published records of experiments on humans and biological weapons

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The Russian defense Ministry has initiated a review of sensational documents of the former Minister of security of Georgia. This week Igor Giorgadze said that in the laboratory near Tbilisi, the us military conducted experiments on human beings. Now, to confirm his words the Minister has posted on its website hundreds of pages of secret records about the fatal experiences and the development of biological and chemical weapons.

Instead of names and surnames only the sequence number. History over one word — dead. Hundreds of pages of secret documents the former Minister of state security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze posted on its website. Through the records it becomes clear that only in December 2015 during the experiments died 30 people. 24 of them died in one day for "unknown" reason. About this Giorgadze himself said at a recent press conference.

"For April and August 2016 in April 30 people dying in August 13. Puzzling the fact that in the column "cause of death" appears the entry "unknown". No investigations about the cause of death was not carried out" – said Igor Giorgadze, the Minister of state security of Georgia, in 1993-1995.

The dead — those who tested the vaccine. On the basis of the documents disclosed, it was a vaccine against hepatitis C.

"A vaccine against HCV does not exist as such. Work is being done. But while fairly good data are not available. Maybe under the brand of hepatitis C tested something else," says Ivan Dyatlov, Professor, academician of RAS, Director of the State scientific center of applied Microbiology and biotechnology of Rospotrebnadzor.

Something else- anthrax, plague, swine flu. Pathogens of these diseases produce in the Center for the study of public health named after Lugar in the suburbs of Tbilisi. The object is constructed on the money the Pentagon ($300 million). The footage of the opening ceremony, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, U.S. Senator Richard Lugar and assistant Secretary of defense.

There are in the published documents much more interesting. For example, a series of special biological weapons. Drone for dissemination in the air of insects: the goal is to deliver a malaria-infested mosquitoes to a certain point. According to the documents, these mosquitoes can also spread dengue fever and zika. And then there are cartridges that contain gunpowder instead of deadly bacteria and viruses. Ammo is supposed to secretly supply the armed forces of the enemy to poison personnel.

"Many of the agents of especially dangerous infections potentially can be used as biologically damaging agents. It can work in the laboratory of the military level", — says Nikolay Rudakov, Director of the Omsk research Institute of natural focal infections of Federal service.

The us military claim that gave the lab the Georgian scientists. There supposedly lead tours and have nothing to fear. But epidemics of recent years pursue people. Complain of strange symptoms.

Giorgadze calls it a "laboratory of death". Supposedly there are working not only on vaccines against local virus, but also to develop their new varieties, from which there is no cure.

The network of such laboratories, with the participation of the Pentagon is represented in 25 countries. Some of border with Russia, around which, in fact, contracted a "belt" of secret biological laboratories. In these same States is the development of biological weapons is prohibited. Documents of the former Minister of security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze for military biological program US now analyze the Russian defense Ministry.

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