"So my people can live in peace". The lawyer explained why Manafort pleaded guilty

SL, Суббота 15 Сентябрь 2018 - 10:07:46

The former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump by Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to two counts and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. At the same time in one of the most notorious American trials has a new helper.

He faces more than 80 years in prison, now only 10. A former political adviser to trump by Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to two paragraphs of 18, the court records appeared on the website of the Ministry of justice. The news was picked up by the liberal media, and no wonder: Manafort one of the first defendants in the case of Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States. But judge him on charges that have no relation to Russia have not.

"By Paul Manafort, Jr. pleaded guilty to several counts brought against him in the district of Columbia. One of them of conspiracy against the United States with the purpose of money laundering and fraud with taxes, concealment of Bank accounts, a violation of the law on registration as a foreign agent and lying to the representatives of the Ministry of justice. As well as obstructing justice by putting pressure on witnesses", — stated in the published documents.

The American side is trying to find at least some evidence of the involvement of Manafort to the Russian intervention, but so far without success. The consultant has agreed to cooperate with spectaculorum Robert Mueller, who is investigating the case. Lawyer Manafort Kevin Downing made it clear — to make a deal with the investigation of his client came from humble circumstances: "a Difficult day for Mr. Manafort, but he recognized his responsibility. He wanted to make sure that his family is in order, and family will be able to live in peace".

It has responded to the White house. Said that the case of Manafort does not affect the President or his campaign. This was confirmed by the lawyer trump. Many say the pressure on the White house has intensified in recent months, the political struggle all means are good, especially when on the nose mid-term elections to Congress. Earn points opponents of the American President is trying by any means. The former leader of the USA Barack Obama did not miss the opportunity to join in and throw a stone in the direction of the Republican. Albeit in a veiled form: "on November 6, we'll all get the chance to restore at least some sanity and common sense in our politics. We must return the balance of power to the American people, because only you can affect this on the abuse of power, mismanagement. You and your voice."

However, Obama himself may also be involved in the investigation of interference in elections. His former adviser Greg Craig is suspected unregistered activities as a foreign agent. He was a partner at the law firm, which was addressed by Paul Manafort during his work in Ukraine.

The search for new defendants in the Russian case may be evidence that it is crumbling before our eyes for lack of any evidence. The victims of the system became a Russian student Maria Butina — her as Manafort and Craig, is also accused of unregistered activity in the interests of another state, this article seems to use, if nothing more to show.

The trump repeatedly called a case of meddling in the election witch hunt. However, the White house still had to go on about the establishment and sign a decree on sanctions for attempts such interference. Trump assured that now the upcoming elections under reliable protection. But no doubt that the continuation of this story will be written by opponents of the President practically does not remain.

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