In the Spanish city of Malaga opens exhibition of works by Kazimir Malevich

SL, Saturday 15 September 2018 - 14:10:00

The state Russian Museum has brought to the city about 50 works of the artist. The exhibition covers almost the entire career of Malevich.

From impressionism to symbolism, and then to the illogic and the top of the art — Suprematism and supranaturalism. The Russian Museum — the richest collection of works by Kazimir Malevich. The exhibit, which opens in the branch of the Museum in Malaga, shows all stages in the work. Malevich had exhibited in Spain, but of the fifty papers presented here, about a third — this viewer will show for the first time.

In one of the halls Malevich presented as an artist in the broadest sense of the word. In 1913, with fellow futurists, Malevich created an Opera-buf "victory over the sun". These costumes were made according to his sketches. Here you can see fragments of the play. The centenary of the premiere of "Victory over the sun" it was recreated for viewers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In "Victory over the sun" artists of the future who call themselves budetlyanami like saying goodbye to the sun of Russian poetry, Pushkin. In the sky rises the new star — the same black square. When the painting was first exhibited in the Museum, it was placed in the corner — it was a reference to the iconographic motifs that are inherent with early Malevich. He talked about sulfur square: "For me it's an icon". At the exhibition in Malaga in the corner we see "Red square". Here is a triptych – "Square", "Cross", "Circle".

"I love Malevich for his for the way he displays the form and color. He makes his work more free and how it is displayed in his art, makes him a fantastic artist. The Spanish public in General is more close classic art, but I'm sure our audience will take this artist" — said Jose Maria Luna Aguilar, Director of the collection of the Russian Museum, the Pompidou centre and the house-Museum of Picasso.

So-called "Second peasant cycle", in which we see work — powerful, but powerless and faceless — is adjacent to one of the most famous masterpieces by Malevich — "Athletes". They guessed and peasant motifs and the dictatorship of time. The artist understood that the new — Soviet — government approaches are changing and socialist realism entered the cultural life for a long time. At the end of the exhibition we meet and it is clear that the author was trying to write "all", but it is obvious that if the master always focused on others and not on themselves, Malevich would not Malevich. The exhibition completes the self-portrait, written two years before his death he said, "I'm going back to the face". The face is made in the Renaissance style, but most of the paintings are the same Suprematism.

"He calls the work not a Portrait, and the Artist. That is a generalized image of the artist at all. Ragusans here is used as a universal system, which he still makes Suprematist elements. You see, it's not a three-dimensional image, it is still flat," says Evgenia Petrova, Deputy Director of the Russian Museum for scientific work.

This season the branch of the Russian Museum in Malaga exhibits works from the two masters. Along with Malevich, the audience will get acquainted with the works of the father of the Russian avant — garde David Burliuk. One of the organizers of the shocking stock Russian futurists, it is famous as the supporter of freedom in art. Malaga called the cultural capital not only of Andalusia, but all over Spain. Russian Museum appreciates Spanish viewers because it's always interesting art of our craftsmen.

"It allows our collection of: the biggest in Russia and in the world, where all the directions and schools and they can do different. We try to break down stereotypes. Was born the project with the support of our Russian businessmen Igor Shepelev we are constantly supported. Without his support we would not be able to do what I did" — said Vladimir Gusev, Director of the Russian Museum.

Works of Kazimir Malevich and Burliuk will be exhibited in Malaga until February of next year, and the Museum expects that the names of the founders of Russian avant-garde will attract not only residents of málaga, but also many tourists. Thanks to the experience of previous exhibitions, to doubt is not necessary, because for three years in the branch of the Russian Museum in Malaga met about five hundred thousand visitors.

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