Vegan-the father brought the infant son to jaundice and malnutrition

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Stole the child from the mother and almost a year kept on a meager diet without meat, milk and eggs. Such a cruel experiment on four-year-old Rodion by Golubkova of the suburban Mytischi put a father, who became interested in the philosophy of vegans. When the boy finally found his mother, he has developed jaundice and degeneration.

They went thousands of kilometers from Moscow to Rodion eaten ice cream. And meat and milk. Almost a year the boy lived with his father, he was kept on a rigid vegetarian diet.

"I saw that it is yellow, when hugged, I realized that it's half Rodion left" — terrified Natalia Golubkova, his mother.

Then he weighed 13 kg, now he weighs 15 lbs. He examines his palms and said, "Mom, it's not yellow."

At Rodion began carotene jaundice, disturbances in the liver and kidneys. Natalia is herself a pediatrician, about the consequences of such a childish diet, of course, knew. But the ex-husband hid from her child. And only sent threatening messages.

From the correspondence of father Rodion with his mother: "It should be up to 5 years vegetarian. And the food is 40% to 60%. I'm not interested to educate the plankton, it will be them otherwise".

Between spouses now — war. Common sense mothers against strange views of his father. Robert is fond of alien civilizations, the reptilians. On contact with real people is hard.

"I don't want media to communicate and provide any comments. I don't see anything complicated. The situation is solved in the legal field," said Robert lovebirds, father Rodion.

As was fading three year old could see the doctors. But in the clinic it didn't. For physicians — a position hard: absolutely impossible to deprive children of protein. This can lead to serious consequences. The child begins to get sick often, he develops dystrophy.

"If you limit meat, significantly reduced the protein content in the diet. Can be various serious diseases: rickets, iron-deficiency anaemia", — said Antonina Starodubova, Deputy Director for scientific and clinical work of fgbu "Federal research center of food biotechnology and food safety".

Maria Czekanowska from a regular meat-eater first went into strict veganism, then syroedstve. She read about it in the book for marketing.

"All the celebrities, billionaires — they are vegetarians. The meat obscures our consciousness. I was hooked by this phrase, she says.

But it seems that the book is even more clouded her mind. She didn't experiment on them, even when I found out about the pregnancy. Newborn son lived only one day. And died from the catastrophic degeneration.

To get daily norm of protein, a person should eat a pound of boiled beef, or the same amount of lean fish. But for vegetarians this menu is not suitable. They conditionally can be replaced by vegetable protein, which is contained in vegetables. For this you need to eat nearly 6 pounds of cabbage. Even with all the variety of the menu: cabbage is salted, steamed, salad fork three unlikely someone will.

Being vegan is trendy today. It's a whole industry — from restaurants and stores to kindergartens. We found this preschool in Moscow Domodedovo.

"For lunch I like soup with buckwheat soup with sorrel and pumpkin soup," says the child.

This is a private kindergarten, located in one of the cottages. On the balance sheet of the Department of education is not necessary, all run by conventional management, the cook and the nurse. They come up with a menu for children.

"The grated zucchini, onion, flour, salt — everything. Now we are going to fry them".

For dinner tonight — vegetable pancakes, for lunch usually cooked vegetable soups. It's not for everyone. So feed the children of vegetarian parents insist".

"If the menu is vegetarian — we exclude fish, meat, eggs, butter. If parents insist is their wishes", — said Larisa Legotkina, cook kindergarten.

In city kindergartens this, of course not. There are rigidly adhered to by the Institute of nutrition standards. And the philosophy is left to the mercy of parents.

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