Restoration of rights: WADA rehabilitates Russian sport

SL, Четверг 20 Сентябрь 2018 - 21:04:58

World anti-doping Agency WADA has restored the rights of the Russian anti-doping Agency RUSADA. Voted "for" 9 members of the Executive Committee, two against, and one abstained. The decision is very important for Russia and the entire sports community, said the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov. Russian opponents to the last tried to achieve recognition that in Russia there was a state system of support of doping. But it did not.

A key step in the rehabilitation of the Russian sports in the eyes of the world — RUSADA reinstated. In the composition of the Executive Committee of the world anti-doping Agency there is not a single Russian citizen, so Moscow is not what impact, even to be present at a closed meeting could not.

"Of course, this decision in the best interests of our athletes. Now they will be able to participate in all competitions. Without prejudice to their rights. On a par with their foreign comrades", — said the Russian Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov.

RUSADA disqualified in 2015. The office is not closed, but worked there, specialists from the British division. They took samples from the athletes and supervised their shipment to laboratories overseas.

The requirements of the WADA Russia has consistently performed: penal code supplemented article for doping, was formally established Institute of informants — people who reported about the violations of RUSADA received from the independent state budget and independent laboratory at MSU.

"A lot has changed, and I am sure that today RUSADA meets all international standards, which makes the sport such structures" — said the Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the Russian anti-doping Agency Alexander Ivlev.

The compromise of the Russian Ministry of sport agreed about the use by athletes of prohibited drugs knew some officials. All the facts in Russia is under investigation. That is why sealed, the Moscow lab RUSADA: are there sample evidence.

"We are extremely interested to the Investigative Committee of Russia in the shortest time finished the investigation, which goes against the violations to the laboratory in Moscow. And provided access to international experts," adds the President of the Olympic Committee of Russia Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

Unhappy Grigory Rodchenkov. Incidentally, he is the former head of the same Moscow lab, who, by his own admission, personally prepared cocktails athletes with steroids and then fled abroad.

Unhappy and thirteen Western countries headed by the USA. Their anti-doping Agency on the eve signed a petition RUSADA continues to ignore.

"This process stinks. Everything happens in the shadows, behind closed doors, and then you look at solution and understand it in terms of the WADA has not been implemented. So athletes around the world are outraged that Russia will be reinstated," he said claim the head of the anti-Doping Agency Travis Tigard.

And this despite the fact that in the United States professional sports leagues do not let inspectors WADA their athletes, and thus to make doping impossible. On this background in Russia, and it is recognized today, the experts, the situation is exemplary.

"It's a good event that happened! We are very happy. We been waiting for! We move on," an upbeat Chairman of all — Russian athletics Federation Dmitry shlyahtin.

The only logical continuation of the now — lifting sanctions against Russian athletics Federation and the Paralympic Committee. After the decision of the WADA 20 September obstacle left.

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