Hiking reduce the severity of stroke, especially in older people

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Perhaps the easiest way to extend the life and improve health is physical activity. And we are not talking about the exhausting training: even a casual walk in the fresh air can extend a man's life.

In earlier studies researchers have found that walking helps to reduce blood sugar, and improve brain function in the elderly.

Now experts from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden identified another positive effect of walking. It turned out that people who walk at least four hours a week or go swimming two to three hours per week, the severity of the stroke and its consequences is lower than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

"Stroke is a major cause of serious disability, so it is important to find ways to prevent or reduce the effects caused by the stroke," notes lead author Catherine Sunnerhagen (Katharina Sunnerhagen).

According to her, the most basic physical activity can be very effective and reduce the consequences of sharp violations of cerebral circulation. This is especially true of older people.

In the course of work, the team examined the official medical records of 925 people, whose average age was 73 years. All patients suffered a stroke.

The authors analyzed information about the severity of stroke, based on such symptoms as disorder of mobility of hands and face (as you know, the stroke patient may partially paralyze), level of cognitive ability, skills of speech, movement of the eyeballs.

Then the experts conducted a survey among patients and their relatives to determine the frequency and intensity of physical activity in the period before the stroke. Those people who walked at least four hours a week, took in the group with a light physical activity. And the volunteers, who were engaged in more intensive (e.g., swam or ran) about two to three hours a week, was in a group with moderate loads.

While 52% of participants said they were "physically active" lifestyle.

When the researchers compared the data, it was found that in people with mild and moderate physical activity, the frequency of strokes "moderate severity" (consequences which are easier to move) was two times higher. But the patients who led a sedentary lifestyle, often happened more heavy strokes, the consequences of which were much more serious.

Scientists have discovered that, apparently, the positive effects on health have as light and moderate exercise. In these groups the stroke "moderate severity" were 85% and 89% of patients, respectively.

It is noted that the experts took into account other risk factors that could affect the health of patients, for example, the presence of harmful habits, diabetes and hypertension, myocardial infarction and so on.

According to Sunnerhagen, it is obvious that physical activity has a beneficial effect on brain activity, however, it is necessary to conduct more research to understand what defense mechanisms they trigger.

Health care providers should inform patients that a sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for "severe" stroke, believe the authors.

Scientific article on the results of the study were published in the journal Neurology.

We will add that earlier the authors of the project "Conduct.Science" (nauka.vesti.ru) talked about other studies, risk factors, prevention of stroke and rehabilitation methods.

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