Gubernatorial elections: the CEC sees everything

SL, Воскресенье 23 Сентябрь 2018 - 18:36:55

September 23 — the second round of gubernatorial elections in the Khabarovsk Krai and Vladimir oblast. In Khakassia also on this day was scheduled a re-vote, but one of the two remaining candidates — incumbent Governor Viktor Zimin on the eve withdrew his candidacy for health reasons. So the second round in Khakassia postponed to 7 October. And in Primorye — a real scandal: the results of the second round of gubernatorial elections cancelled — too much dirt.

These words of Ella Pamfilova immediately made it clear: those who hoped that the CEC would not notice the violations was wrong. "To recommend to the election Commission of Primorsky Krai to recognize the results of early elections of the Governor of Primorsky Krai invalid", — said the CEC head.

The main result of the second round in Primorye, almost 200 complaints. Most often we are talking about transportation and bribery of voters. And this will not hide. "We have around the house attendants bribed, given money — 500, 1000 roubles — to go to a vote. Is it a vote?!" – outraged the locals.

13 plots the accuracy of the polls and did not install during the day, they were not included in the state automated system "Elections". In the territorial electoral Commission of the Soviet district of Vladivostok during the input protocols suddenly the fire alarm is activated. Begins emergency evacuation — not to count. And all this against the background of the whole flurry of mutual claims.

"Do you think that complaints of mister Ishchenko less than Tarasenko? No, And more — from voter bribery, the use of administrative resources, we faced on a number of the PEC. Write letters of complaint to the Commission that the Communist party was getting in the way to work. Unfortunately, both candidates have done things that has led to the sad situation that we have. I hope that it will serve as a warning," — said Pamfilova.

In the end, Andrei Tarasenko remains acting head of the region, however, to participate in new elections is not going to. "I have a bad agitator. I may be a little didn't have the votes because so few went there, he said. But today we have to work", — said Tarasenko.

The candidate from the Communist party Andrei Ishchenko with the cancellation of the results does not agree and plans to go to court. As for participation in new elections, he intends to take a decision before 1 October, after consulting with fellow party members.

"I will speak with the Federal leadership of my party, to ask him about that supported me and those elections that lie ahead, that my candidacy had been agreed, supported by the party, given the maximum support," — said Ishchenko.

Of course, the situation in Primorye became a resonant political event. The date of new elections in the region, the regional legislative Assembly will appoint, is expected on September 26. And we already know that the election would be held till December 16. But the cancellation of elections is not an attempt to put out the political fire. On the contrary, we are talking about the adoption of new Federal standards of political competition. Local elites — irrespective of region and party affiliation — will now have to realize that to tolerate violations a blind eye to the CEC will not. The transparency of elections is a requirement and companies and the President. Such criteria should spur a real struggle for the voter.

Energetic race now, apparently, have in Khakassia. The second round was scheduled for 23 September, but the incumbent Governor Viktor Zimin withdrew his candidacy. "I made a decision. I'm not to prevent a split in Khakassia, in my own home. I am convinced that no political ambition should not harm the people of the Republic", — he said.

In the end, second round scheduled for October 7. And to fight for the post of head of the region should be the Deputy of the city Council of Abakan Valentin Konovalov (from CPRF) and the promoted worker from "Fair Russia" Andrey Filegen.

To follow the progress of the vote will be very carefully emphasized in the CEC. The recent presidential race has become a kind of standard of honesty and transparency, the high bar, which is now supposed to navigate regions.

"I thought about what didn't work in Primorye. Perhaps we relaxed, weaned, by the way, the authorities, against real competition. It is an application of the administrative resource on the one and on the other side. Above all this, I suppose. Everyone should know all the secret becomes clear. Control addiction will be carried out from all sides, and with our in the first place", — said Ella Pamfilova.

The quality of elections and zero tolerance for violations is a new political reality. To deviate from the standards of cleanliness and openness of the CEC is not intended.

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