Shapiro and king could play the play in Salisbury for British citizenship and the court

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Author: Dmitry Kiselev

In the British city of Salisbury is a "Newbie" again right after dissolved in the air. At least that is the perception that suggests, as we already know, a real reaction. And when recently some 30-year-old lady, as it is now customary to determine, with low social responsibility, poisoned in the restaurant pizza, of course, immediately thought of Russia. They say, Putin woman and poisoned.

Lady, as it turned out the British Mirror, the — 30-year-old native of Nizhny Novgorod with an Israeli passport Anna Shapiro. Elite prostitute with a Dachshund in 4 thousand pounds per night. Recently linked their lives with the local drug dealer Alex king. Specializiruetsya cocaine and ecstasy. Police imputes 12 criminal episodes.

But Anna Shapiro finds her boyfriend on the floor of the restaurant toilet foaming at the mouth. And Saberi explodes: "Putin!" The police behaved evasively, saying that the poison is unknown. But after all, and so it is clear that it is the Kremlin. Here and Anna Shapiro says her father is Russian General. Taking revenge on her... what Alex king could be poisoned by the mafia, that became silent forever and no one passed, so this version is not considered. The Russian track of where's hot. Operates without misfires.

Author: Alexander Khabarov

In Salisbury the owners of the restaurant Prezzo are thinking about, and does not apply to the court for a couple staged here, the play with poison?.. Recently it was tied ambulances, police hastily evacuated the visitors, the restaurant in search of the venom was examined by the experts in chemical protection suits. The names of the victims were known only two days later.

The Sun newspaper published an interview with Israeli citizen of Russian origin Anna Shapiro. She stated that her husband tried to poison with rat poison agents of the Kremlin. A young woman claimed that model, and posted pictures served as proof of this.

Edward Davenport — an old friend of Anna and her husband Alex of king. He does what suits paid sex parties. In the recent past, served time for fraud. Edward claims that the scandal with the poisoning came up with this couple from beginning to end.

"Could be anything. I do not exclude that they nothing at all was not poisoned, but simply act. And similarly, they could easily make poison, so it was real. But I am absolutely sure that the poisoning of Putin is irrelevant. I know Anna well and never heard that it something Putin said. It is completely out of politics. And similarly, Alex," he assured Davenport.

Alex king was engaged in that supplied the girls for the orgies, which suited his PAL Davenport and organized for this modeling Agency. There he met Anna, who last year became his wife.

"Like Anna, we are called glamour models. This girl, so to speak, with a separate prominent parts of the body. Such a party girl. I doubt that it's worth four thousand pounds per night, but do not rule out that some money from the rich customers she took," said Davenport.

30-year-old Anne has two children who live separately from it. She is trying to sue one child with parents and expects to receive British citizenship. Alex king is now on trial for possession of cocaine.

"As far as I know, he is accused that he had drugs for sale. In English law it turns out that he was a drug dealer. They both had a reason to play this scene. Anna wants to get a British passport and may have thought that it would be easier to do it, trumpeted to the whole world that it pursues the President of Russia. Alex could also hope that it will help him slow down the judicial process, holding himself a hero affected by Putin," said Davenport.

Police are continuing their investigation. While there is only one official statement, that traces of nerve agents in poisoned blood examination is not found. The word "Beginner" in Salisbury you know everything from small to large. And how reacted to the incident by the police, speaks for itself.

"I think that all this panic was excessive. If someone has a Russian accent and he felt ill after eating pizza, it does not mean that he was poisoned as a Novice. This is ridiculous," said one of the locals.

The Sun newspaper rushed to remove the scandalous publication, citing legal reasons. But to blame the tabloid does not make sense — it just gives something that goes "Bang". The accusations against Russia here day after day and produce a much more influential publication.

Have not had time to read about the staged poisoning, and The Guardian already reveals another plot of the Kremlin and claims that the Russian Embassy in London would secretly gather and take out Julian Assange in Russia. Assange is already more than six years sitting in the Embassy of Ecuador in London and can't get out of it, because it will be seized by the London police.

The Guardian writes that, according to the plan of the conspirators, Assange was supposed to run last year at night. Supposedly it is for this purpose the government of Ecuador was going to formally take it to work to his foreign Ministry that he could use diplomatic immunity to leave the Embassy car. "Four different source said that the Kremlin is ready to support the plan, including the possibility of moving Assange to Russia. One of them said that the mediator in these negotiations was made by unknown Russian businessman. Also considered the possibility of sending Assange to Ecuador on a boat" — says The Guardian.

Referred to in article Ecuadorian diplomat, who is credited with the development of schemes of escape, it's called fiction. Had the same reaction and the Russian Embassy: "the Embassy never had any discussion with Ecuadorian colleagues, or anyone else question about any Russian involvement in the termination of stay of Julian Assange in the diplomatic mission of Ecuador. As for the allegations that the Kremlin was willing to support a secret plan, "to allow Assange to come to Russia," the strange, the sensational tone of the authors of the article: Russia always welcomes any foreign visitors if they come to us legally".

It is not excluded that Assange himself against such a perspective, possibly wouldn't mind. Since June 2012 he is actually in prison, without sunlight, and now without the ability to communicate with the outside world. The current Ecuadorian authorities have forbidden him to make any statements.

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