The authors of the fake himataki in Syria stupid mistake

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The border of the provinces of Latakia and Idlib. The position of the 6th division. The soldiers quietly move on the territory of the reference point, say the mines are now rarely arrive earlier here often and the head was not raised. Activity on the line of demarcation is now really low, but Idlib province remains a sanctuary for international terrorist organizations. Although over the next three weeks we created a demilitarized zone depth of 15-20 km. Provided and a joint Russian-Turkish patrols.

Another very important aspect is the movement on the route Lattakia — Aleppo and Hama to Aleppo. While the Northern capital of Syria is connected with the rest of the country side road, it is often called "road of life".

Highway Latakia – Aleppo. The road is closed for several years, although the painting still in good condition. The last checkpoint of the government forces, hereinafter referred to Jisr ash-Shugur, Idlib and Aleppo then, that is the territory controlled by the militants of Pro-Turkish radical terrorist groups and organizations. In the implementation of the agreements that were reached in Sochi, this route should be open to civilians. But there is one "but". It is not clear how the Turkish military will take the militants of the terrorist groups that control some parts of the track.

But while the province remains the world's largest shelter network of terrorist groups, whose members are radical Islamists all over the world. In Idlib, a large number of Pro-Turkish groups, who are economically dependent on Ankara and being controlled by the Turkish special services. But with "Hayat Tahrir al-sham" (banned in Russia) is not so simple. Former branch of the "al-Qaeda" (banned in Russia) receives funding from the Gulf countries and the militants "An-Nusra" (banned in Russia), of course, not happy with the negotiation process and the prospects for a peaceful settlement. Moreover, the terrorists, of course, take into account the fact that the Turkish military are in Idlib province, but how they react to pressure, will leave voluntary from key points on the front line, is not clear. While we talk about how the situation looks now. For radical Islamists "Khayat Tahrir al-sham" — the house native. The population of the greater part of the region is actually hostage.

Idlib province is now from the point of view of human rights black hole. And Western human rights activists do not care. Ahmad Muhannad, his wife Rasha and young son Mohammed fled from Idlib recently. Ahmad saved the child. His story is as frightening as it may sound, typical of the peaceful inhabitants of the province. "We came home by armed men and took the elder son and a daughter. They were taken to the camp. Boys they teach radical ideology, girls are prepared in the wives of the fighters," said Ahmad.

The militants of the former branch of al Qaeda was built on the territory of Idlib, about 200 different camps. Some are preparing suicide bombers, others are taught to make improvised explosive devices. There are special camps where kids are radical fighters. Spouse Ahmad repeatedly tried to find out where a son and daughter, but to no avail.

"When I was interested in the fate of our children, I get punished and publicly flogged with a whip. I said, "Your children are no more!" Can you imagine what it's like to hear that about your children?!" told rush Muhannad.

Ahmad could not restrain emotions, it is clear that straight talk is given to him is not easy. "Money is not enough, the militants were periodically forced to work for them for free. Since I'm not a fighter and in our family, no one is in gangs, they obliged us to pay tribute. But there was nothing to pay. Then the local gang leader was forced to put a fingerprint on the document where I supposedly in favor of the terrorists abandon the Studio and at home," — says the man.

Ahmad says: militants kidnap more children and in the interests of the organization "White helmets". And are kidnapped EN masse. The terrorists want to use them in staged filming of chemical attack, as it was in the Syrian city of Duma.

"Surveys have become commonplace. Frightened by the message that this time the terrorists plan to poison people with chlorine for the credibility of the video. About a month ago I had a boyfriend. He is from our village consists of a gang of local militia. He warned me that "al-Nusra" come after my Mohammed. Then we decided to escape," says Ahmad.

The Syrian news Agency SANA has published a video in social networks dramatizations of alleged chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib, who prepared "White helmets" in order to blame government forces in the attack. The movie, however, was removed but the article on the website of the Agency left.

At our disposal is video. There are three versions of the same video dramatizations — with minor changes. In the beginning lying on the ground the alleged "victim" himataki. One man carry on a stretcher in the ambulance, and the child poured water in the van pickup. In addition, the second and third versions of the video the man's not lying on a stretcher, and helps others to be watered with water.

It is known that the organization "White helmets" are the British intelligence services, and in London not that happy with the agreements between Moscow and Ankara. And it is now also the problem of Turkey. How she will cope with them, it will be clear in a month.

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