While China puts America, she tries "to put on"

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Looks like America unleashed a trade war from China? In Beijing is not going to give up. Moreover, expect to remain in the win.

Oriental motifs in Western silhouettes. "Let the world fall in love with China" — the motto of the fashion show at fashion Week in Beijing. Trump again took fashion in his trademark style on the background of the negotiations about the negotiations to announce a new portion of fees. The synchronous response of China was not long in coming: in the second list — more than 5 thousand products, including consumer.

Whom the US is trying to "shod" with sanctions, it is not clear, after all, now China puts America. 40% of the total imports of clothing coming to the States here, two-thirds of the whole Shoe, 85% of the accessories. Tariffs can only raise prices or even to break the production chain.

The echo of the war reached even to glossy magazines, where they write about the "battle bags". In addition to them in the American list, for example, yarn. In the Chinese — textiles. But the plans of designers Beijing is unlikely to change.

The textile factory will connect with new clients the "One belt and one road". New customers already looking to Europe, Singapore and the far East. To diversify the markets and to stimulate domestic demand is fully consistent structural reforms that China now holds in the economy. Makes it more market-oriented, flexible and open. Duties, of course, will affect the country's GDP, but while the effect is negligible.

According to analysts at Bloomberg, already existing duties can reduce growth by 0.2. Those that introduced 24 September, half a percentage point. While this is the largest portion of fees covers half of all Chinese exports to the US. If tariffs can be imposed on the entire amount, the economy may slow down to 1.5%. Chinese experts in forecasts more optimistic: the situation is stable. In the US at this stage of exacerbation analysts say the decline in the economy by 0.7%. But the farmers have already lost up to $ 6 billion to 14 entire agricultural sector.

"Affected American buyers, rates on $ 200 billion concern consumer goods. Middle-class incomes in the United States declining, and if the States take the risk to revise the production chain, it will be under pressure from the public, especially during elections," said the Bahia, Director of the Institute of American studies Chinese Academy of social Sciences.

The pressure increases in the gas sector of the USA: China has blacklisted 10% duties American LNG, pressing the sick ambitions of the States to become an energy superpower. China next year will become the largest LNG buyer in the world, but the United States themselves currently cover the oxygen. Gas exports to China has fallen from 500 to 130 thousand tons. Oil companies already rasplanirovke terminals along the East coast, could lose billions under threat projects with a volume of 100 million tons and the tramp struggles to impose LNG Europe.

Another move Beijing — the search for new assets for investment: the main holder of us government debt reduced investments at $ 8 billion, and foreign exchange reserves, on the contrary, increased.

China firmly holds the course, and the deliberate devaluation will not. Despite the fact that since March, when appeared the first signs of trade tensions, the national currency depreciated against the dollar by 8% and has updated a few lows for the year, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Commerce of China has repeatedly stated that they will not use the yuan as a weapon in the trade war.

However, in the sale of securities experts see not only an efficient financial leverage, but also the desire to reduce the impact of the dollar. China has repeatedly talked about wanting to move to settlements in national currencies with a number of countries. With Russia, the integration process is already running. This minimizes the negative effect of sanctions, and the weakening of the yuan, the goods will remain competitive.

"China needs to pursue a flexible fiscal policy and allow the yuan the opportunity to "swim." The market is now Mature, even if be broken the psychological barrier of 7 yuan per dollar, it won't be painful," said Yu yongding, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of social Sciences.

But U.S. steel to bargain in politics. More in the form of an ultimatum. They are annoying artificial Islands in the South China sea, where Beijing has built a military base. And all the attacks of the Americans to repel with deadly calm: this is the territory of China, and then to place there the authorities can do anything I wish. Now, the United States imposed sanctions for the purchase of weapons from Russia, "publicly trampled all international principles," the harsh response of the Ministry of defense of the PRC. China would not break, but to develop relationships. "The partnership between the two countries, Russia with its natural resources and China with its industrial strength, will inevitably become a challenge to the West", — writes Chinese newspaper.

Chinese foreign Ministry summoned U.S. diplomats: Ambassador Gary Locke made a sharp view, the military attaché at the U.S. Embassy protested.

"We urge the us side to immediately correct its mistakes, cancel the so-called sanctions, otherwise it will have to answer for the consequences," said Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign Ministry.

USA lose real money and in virtual space. Alibaba planned to allow American farmers to sell in your online store, one of the most visited in the world. About creating a million jobs Jack MA personally spoke with trump. Now, he said, it is a promise impossible to fulfill.

"Because of the trade dispute will hurt many small and medium-sized enterprises. But I believe that in this difficult time, the one who uses new ideas and new technologies, in the end wins," said MA.

Jack MA urged to prepare for a protracted trade war. China cancelled the visit of the head of the Chinese naval forces in the United States and refused to meet the joint staff of the Armed forces, which was soon held in Beijing.

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